Difference between Manure and Fertilizer

Manuring is the process of the addition of natural or chemical sources of nutrients to the crop. Manure refers to the natural substance that is obtained from the decomposition of the waste of plants and animals such as cow dung, etc. On the other hand, fertilizer is a chemical substance that can be added to the soil to increase its nutrient content. Fertilizers are chemical compounds that include salts or organic compounds like urea, ammonium sulfate, sodium nitrate, etc. If you are planning for farming, you should be known about the ways to enhance the fertility of the soil.

A fertilizer is a natural or chemically synthesized material applied to the soil to increase its fertility and productivity. Manure is the organic matter obtained naturally from decaying plants and animals.

Difference between Manure and Fertilizer –


  • Manure can be described as an organic material prepared by decomposition of crop residue or animal excreta, that can be added to the soil to improve its fertility.
  • Manure is a natural material, obtained by decaying plant and animal waste, that can be applied to the soil to enhance its fertility. It is prepared in the field, by dumping the animal and plant waste in open pits, to decompose it.
  • Manure can be described as a natural substance, derived from the decomposition of animal dung or crop residue. To prepare manure, farmers dump waste of plants and animals in pits at open areas, for decomposing it, with the help of micro-organisms.
  • As manure is insoluble in water, it is slowly absorbed by the soil.
  • Manure is considered very helpful in increasing the fertility of the soil, by enhancing its capacity to retain water, improving the texture of the soil, and increasing the number of friendly microbes.
  • Manure does not cause any harm to the soil; in fact, it raises the quality of the soil in the long run.


  • Fertilizer is described as any substance (organic or inorganic), that is added to the soil, increase the yield of crops.
  • Fertilizer is a human-made or natural substance, that can be added to the soil to improve its fertility and increase the productivity. Fertilizers are produced in factories through the chemical procedure.
  • As it is evident from the name, fertilizer is a natural or synthetic substance that contains a lot of plant nutrients which are necessary for the growth and productivity of the plants. It is applied to the soil to increase the yield of crops, like wheat, maize, paddy, etc.
  • Fertilizers get easily dissolved in water, and that is why it is used by the plants immediately.
  • Fertilizer not only improves the fertility of soil but also replaces the chemical substances used by earlier crops from the soil.
  • Use of fertilizer in excess can decrease the effectiveness of the soil, as well as it causes harm to the organism present in the soil.

Manure is not as much rich as fertilizers in terms of plant nutrients, as fertilizers are rich in plant nutrients. While manure is economical, as it can be prepared by farmers themselves, fertilizers are industrially manufactured chemical; it is costly.

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