Astronomers Accurately Predict Timing of Gamma-Ray Bursts from a Magnetar

Magnetic SGR 1935 + 2154 is currently a unique object in our own Milky Way. It is the only known source of rapid-radio explosion (FRB) in our galaxy, as well as gamma-ray bursts. The researchers predicted that its gamma-ray activity would be interrupted for some time before resuming in June – and the stellar object predicted it would start emitting gamma-rays just in time. The eruption forecast was first published in March. Based on data collected since 2014, the team expected that the SGR would not explode before June 1935 + 2154. The eruption occurred on June 24 – 12 more were recorded since then, and scientists predicted that the window of activity would continue until October 7. The paper was also published in Physical Review D.

Co-author Dr. Bruce Grossan, from the University of California, Berkeley, said in a statement, “This new explosion in this window means our prediction is dead.” “Perhaps more importantly, since we first published our print, no cracks were found in Windows.” The information came from the WIIND spacecraft launched in 1994. In the last years, it has detected all the brightest explosions from the magnet. Periodic behavior is evidenced from such an object, so the team considers that this could be the case with SGR 1935 + 2154. However, the team was concerned that the data gap was probably not due to that.

They said they arrived in the same way as quotes about the famous Sherlock Holmes “curious incident of the dog at night” – not seeing the explosions could be as important as watching them. Thus, the idea has a periodic window of activity. Based on the analysis, the team estimates that the periodic behavior of SGR 1935 + 2154 is the correct situation with 99.97 percent certainty. Mikhail Denisenia, the lead author from Nazarbayev University, explained, “For any scientist, depot or irregular information is a nightmare.” “In our case, it is very important to realize that the missing explosion occurs or does not carry any information.” SGR1935 + 2154 a neutron star with an impressive magnetic field, such sterilizer objects are supernova products. Rapid-radio explosions are incredible emissions of radio waves that last only for one millisecond.