Rolls Royce Plane Becomes Fastest All-Electric Vehicle

According to Rolls Royce, the “Spirit of Innovation” aircraft has become the fastest electric vehicle ever in a test flight. According to the business, the all-electric aircraft hit a top speed of 623 kilometers per hour on November 16 (387.4 miles per hour). Once authorized, this aircraft will be the world’s fastest electric vehicle.

Over a distance of three kilometers, the vehicle, which is part of the company’s ACCEL (Accelerating the Electrification of Flight) program, attained a speed of 555.9 km/h (345.4 mph), breaking the previous record by 213.04 km/h (132mph). The Spirit of Innovation reached 532.1 km/h (330 mph) across a 15-kilometer course, setting another record. In addition, the aircraft climbed to 3,000 meters in just 202 seconds, a full minute quicker than prior records.

These findings have now been forwarded to the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI), the worldwide authority in charge of overseeing and certifying the world’s aeronautical and astronautical records.

Rolls Royce Plane Becomes Fastest All-Electric Vehicle

“For the ACCEL team and Rolls-Royce, claiming the all-electric world-speed record is a tremendous achievement. In a statement, Warren East, the CEO of Rolls-Royce, stated, “I would like to congratulate our partners, particularly Electroflight, for their partnership in accomplishing this pioneering innovation.”

“This program’s enhanced battery and propulsion technology have fascinating implications in the Advanced Air Mobility sector.” Following the global attention on the need for action at COP26, this is another milestone that will help make ‘jet zero’ a reality and support our objectives to provide the technical breakthroughs humanity requires to decarbonize air, land, and marine transportation.”

Venturi VBB3 Streamliner, an electric automobile that reached 550 km/h (342 mph) five years ago, holds the current verified record for the fastest electric-powered vehicle.

The Buckeye Bullet is a series of four experimental electric automobiles developed in collaboration with Venturi by students from Ohio State University (a.k.a. the Buckeyes). The automobiles were created with the goal of breaking the land speed record at the Bonneville Speedway, a salt flat located west of Wendover, Utah. 

The team set the one-mile world record of 271.737 mph (437.318 km/h) in October 2004 and continued to improve the record until 2009, when they set a mile world record of 307.666 mph (495.140 km/h) and a one-kilometer world record of 341.264 mph (549.211 km/h).