SpaceX Announces Tentative Plans to Launch First Orbital Flight Next Month

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SpaceX Announces Tentative Plans to Launch First Orbital Flight Next Month
  • SpaceX wants to send a starship (nearby) into space: SpaceX’s spaceship, in short, will go into space next month, the agency said. Yes, Starship, which you probably remember the most for the explosion during the test, could go into orbit in July. Don’t think we’re criticizing SpaceX for testing something failed. The rocket stage would crash all the time as the company re-entered. Now he regularly lands them on drones. In space technology, you may have to explode before you can fly properly.
  • Surgical Robots Big Business: Today’s start is that UK-based surgical robotics startup CMR Softbank has scored $ 600 million in goals, led by Second Vision Fund and Allies Bridge Group. CMR is now $3 billion.
  • ATC acquires Brazilian rival: Today the news also broke that in the popular American consumer style market, ATC bought its Brazilian cousin for $217 million. The Elo7 deal follows Etsy’s recent Depop purchase. It looks like Estee has seen at least a good part of your development through an inorganic lens.
  • $167 million for Philippine-based top fintech: from earlier investments this week. Pemaya’s parent company is even more prosperous after closing $121 million in new capital with $46 million. According to TechCrunch, these funds will be used to “launch more financial services, including a digital bank.”
  • Million $50 Million in Making Mobile Commerce Shopify: Tapkart Shopife wants to bring the magic of desktop shopping to the mobile world and today announced an eight-figure round led by Left Lane Capital. (Although somewhat, it reminds us of the recent title of YC Bikay.)