Video Shows Chinese Rocket Wreckage Leaking Toxic Fumes into Surrounding Countryside

A video posted on Weibo on the Chinese forum claimed to show the burnt booster debris of the spaceflight Shenzhou 12, which last week carried the first tycoons to China’s new space station. Furthermore, the wreckage is thought to be emitting a deadly colored gas, nitrogen tetroxide, a highly toxic compound used as an oxidizer in rocket fuel. According to the original poster, the wreckage was found at 9:30 a.m. on the Ordos banner, Ordos (a banner in southwestern Mongolia). A task force was formed to rescue the wreckage, and local residents were evacuated and barred from entering the affected area. By 1 p.m., all debris had been found and efforts were underway to remove it.

A local media reported that the task force consisted of the Armed Forces, the Ministry of Human Resources, the Ministry of Fire Protection and other personnel, who were present at the scene and searched the wreckage of the original and booster. Some people fell near the populated area of ​​Qipanjing Town, but no injuries were reported. The wreckage originated from the Shenzhou 12 June 17 launch 12 Shenzhou 12 was a crew spaceflight that took three tycoons into orbit at the new space station Tiangong, which currently consists only of the original module, where they will stay for 90 days before returning. On earth, the mission was a success, with all tycoons firmly stationed, with some wreckage free.

If confirmed, large debris should now be calculated and collected. As people in the area raised concerns about the safety of free trafficking in the area, rocket boosters carried toxic chemicals that posed serious health risks. 

Such a chemical, nitrogen tetroxide (probably bright yellow smoke emanating from a booster) can cause severe lung damage, edema and death in respiratory distress, and civilians must be professionally cleaned before returning to a safe area. China has been on fire for handing over debris from rocket launches in recent months. In May, a random Long March 5B rocket division caused worldwide speculation and panic as it traveled uncontrollably through the atmosphere and populated areas. At the time, it was uncertain where it might land, and astronomers were concerned that it might land in an urban area.