TikTok User Smells Pretty Flower, Accidentally Doses Herself with “World’s Scariest Drug”

Ah, TikTok you have given us so much over the years, even if most of it is shocking, NSFW or any sea shake. And then there’s the genre of viral content that has really surpassed TikTok – for which no other platform can compete. Let’s call it, “The person almost kills themselves with something they don’t realize is hilariously lethal” (okay the name can use any work).

Whether it’s a cute little extremely deadly sea creature, a gruesome endangered or slightly lethal marine creature burning from a Grubby household appliance, there’s really nightmare fuel to think about what young people are thinking there’s today when their parents aren’t around. And the latest addition to Tiktok’s book is no exception. Singer-songwriter Rafael Weyman uploaded a video last week of himself and a friend enjoying the “delicious smell” of a large yellow flower.

What looks beautiful without an equally legitimate way to describe the footage is, “Two young women accidentally drug themselves on camera using the world’s most horrible hallucinogenic drug.” “When we arrived at our friend’s birthday party, we both suddenly felt like F * had stopped and had to leave,” Weyman wrote in his ticket. “It turns out that the flower is extremely poisonous and we accidentally drug ourselves like fools.”

It was found that the women stumbled across a flower known as the Angels Trumpet. In addition to being a beautiful and seemingly sweet-smelling flower, it is a source of scopolamine – more commonly (and aptly given its effects) known as devil’s breath. If you’ve heard anything about Devil’s Breathing, it could be a horror story of memories, hallucinations, and even “zombies.” Some of it is based on reality: it’s a “terrible thing,” Val Kuran, a professor of pharmacology at UCL’s clinical pharmacology unit, told the Guardian.

The Quran said, “When I gave it to people in [the test], they hated it.” “[It] makes your face really dry; it makes your students narrow. Of course high levels would be completely disabled. But farther claim, tourists sent a business card or a mysterious powder like a jerk to the zombie state with bushes in their mouths, then woke up to find their bank accounts empty and to sell their organs on the black market? These are unlikely.