What is CNS ?

What is CNS ?

CNS stands for Computer Network Systems. It’s a Private Limited Company established in 1992. CNS Limited has crossed its arduous journey of being an industry leader as a Total IT Solution Provider. During this journey it has crossed several landmarks and left behind some challenging and crucial projects, which has enabled CNS Limited to introduce itself to our prospective clients as a trusted IT Service Provider. This Company Profile satisfies the informational needs of our prospective clients regarding the strengths and achievements of CNS Limited and its qualifications as an IT Service Provider.

CNS Limited has always believed in something. They make more with less. Clients are in the heart of the system and they are the one who makes them to continue their service towards the next century. Here is CNS at a glance.

There are 69 (Sixty Nine) professionals of diverse academic background. Many of them have degrees in Computer Science, training and hands on experience in leading university and organization both local and overseas.

Business Partners

Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services
Bangladesh Computer Samity

Background Information of the Company

CNS Limited is a member of the Alpana Group of Companies and Crown Group of Companies, two of the most reputed business groups of Bangladesh. CNS Limited was formed to serve the local and foreign IT solution market and has several areas of operation in the IT market.

CNS has its own technical and R & D team of experts working on hardware supply and support, software development, turnkey IT solution vending and IT consultancy. CNS is now serving national and international organizations in domestic and international arena. CNS has completed several projects successfully in different universities, NGO’s, bank’s and different national and multinational organizations through marketing the computer systems and software.

CNS Limited Deals with the following Businesses

  • Supplier of hardware and networking accessories
  • Provider of networking solution
  • Database software component developer
  • Software export
  • Individual & corporate training on various computer related professional
  • Courses
  • Developing outsourced software development jobs
  • IT consultant for various government & private organizations
  • Corporate IT solution provider for government and private companies
  • Multimedia & web based software development
  • Data entry and processing
  • Database maintenance and data warehousing
  • Human resource service provider for professionals and experts in various IT fields
  • Nature of Business

Company Mission

The Company is dedicated to excellence in product quality, service and training, maintaining a high standard in these areas at all times for the benefit of its valued customers: which includes a determined and consistent investment in hardware vending, data processing, software development, system analysis, system design, consultancy, hardware & software maintenance service, networking & communication (LAN, WAN etc.), general and corporate training, computer marketing and customer support. In their words,

“CNS Limited has always believed in something. We make more with less. Clients are in the heart of our system and they are the one who makes us to continue our service towards the next century. We thank them for being with us through this evolution”

Project Experience

CNS Limited to build the distinct image in the minds of its respectable clients. This section lets you to have a glimpse at those projects to help you to asses the quality and the efficiency CNS Limited promises to deliver to its clients.

  • Projects
  • Clients
  • ChargeNet Application and Billing System for RxNet
  • In House Product Development
  • Customer Relationship Management for Real Estate Companies

Bashati Consortium Ltd.
Alpana Plaza,
51, New Elephant Road, Dhaka
Tel: 9661333

Enhancement Development of EMR (Electronic Medical Records)

  • In House Product Development
  • Enhancement of Location Management System of
  • BOC (Bangladesh) Limited
  • BOC (Bangladesh) Limited

Enterprise Resource Planning System for Pharmaceutical Industry

Somatec Pharmaceuticals Limited
Contact Person : Mr. Altaf Hossain,
Cost and Budget Control Div.
28/B, Segun Bagicha, Dhaka 1000
Tel : 8312226 Cellular : 018230433

HealthNet Web Site and Secured Web Transactions Portal

  • In House Product Development
  • HealthNetEDI (Electronic Data Interchange) with RefillsNet
  • In House Product Development
  • Logistics Management System with Sales & Vendor Management
  • Grameen Phone Ltd.

Online Library Management System

Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (BCSIR) Library
Contact Person: Dr. Mirza Rezaul Islam
Project Director BCSIR Library Dhaka
Tel: 8626035

Current Projects

Currently CNS Limited is undertaking a list of projects, which we see to be promising in future days and years to come. This list will help you to get a picture of the operational activities currently going on in CNS Limited.

  • Projects
  • Client

Data Processing and Computerized Telex and Telephone Billing System

Bangladesh Telegraph and Telephone Board, Sher-E-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka

  • Data Transmission System
  • BOC (Bangladesh) Limited

Development of Data Processing Software Interface & Developing the Forms and Reports for SESIP for 54 Upazillas

Secondary Education Sector Improvement Project (SESIP)

Ministry of Education

Development of True Online Banking System (Off the Shelf Product)

In House Product Development

Development Online Inventory Management System for Ground Service Equipments and Motor Transport

Biman Bangladesh Airlines

Maintenance, Service, Processing and Printing Computerized Tickets using “Computerized Seat Reservation and Ticketing System”

Bangladesh Railway

Services provided by CNS

Srevices provided by CNS ltd are listed below:

Ø Software Development

Ø Web Development

Ø Hardware Vending

Ø Data entry and Processing

Ø Education and Training

IT Education & Training
Corprate Training

Software Development


Coping with Technological Advancements in Databases

CNS Limited started its journey as a database software development house back in 1992. Serving several IT fields like software development, system solution consultant, system designer, data warehousing service provider and world famous brand hardware reseller and distributor successfully, CNS Limited recently has expanded its business in software development keeping an eye on increasing demand for software products and public awareness about software business in Bangladesh.

Having professionals conversant with various databases formats and demands for different databases CNS Limited planned to expand its database software development and go for the contemporary databases. In this regard two of the major databases used throughout the world was brought into CNS Limited. One of them was Oracle 9i ® Standard Edition with Partitioning Option and the other was Microsoft SQL Server 7 ®.

CNS Limited has gained substantial expertise and experience in database software development using Oracle ® RDBMS as the back end database. It should be mentioned here that CNS Limited is the reseller of Oracle Products in Bangladesh.

For web databases, CNS Limited uses Oracle WEBDB ® that is the integral part of Oracle 9i ®, the latest release of Oracle. With extended capabilities for web database connectivity this database serves the need for strong and reliable back end for web applications. Besides, from its inception, CNS Limited has used Microsoft Access ® database for few local projects and the professionals are also familiar with its front-end capabilities.

Front End Tools Used

Front end is equally important in database software development. Correct choice of front-end tool eliminates the risk of incompatibility and lack of control. CNS Limited has used various front-end tools for database software development. Few of them are:

Oracle Developer 2000 ® Server Containing…

Microsoft Visual Studio ® Containing…

Forms Builder
Reports Builder
Graphics Builder
Procedure Builder
Translation Builder
Query Builder

Microsoft Visual Basic
Microsoft Visual C ++
Microsoft J++
Microsoft InterDev
Microsoft Visual FoxPro

Also, other Oracle front-end tools such as Oracle JDeveloper ®. Apart from these, CNS Limited uses PL/SQL, C, C++, Java, HTML, ASP, Java scripts, VB Scripts, DHTML, XML, ActiveX & DCOM technology for development of Software.

Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) Tools Used

CNS Limited uses the following tools for Computer Aided Software Engineering:

Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) Tools Includes…

Oracle Designer 2000
Process Analyst
SD Pro
Case PAC
Rational Rose

Among these the Rational Rose is used for designing object oriented software in UML (Unified Modeling Language) methodology. CNS Limited also uses Rose as a software modeling tool. But one of the tools CNS Limited uses frequently is the Oracle Designer ®. It consists of the state of the art database design and technology. This tool is very important while designing complex systems for banks and other financial institutes.

Methodologies Used by CNS Limited for Database Software Development

CNS Limited uses the following methodologies for database software development:

Methodologies Used for Database Software Development Includes…

UML (Unified Modeling Language)
ACD (Architecture Context Diagram) based Modeling
SSADM based Design and Development Standard
ISP based Analysis Standards
Prototyping Methodology

OS Platforms Worked on So Far

CNS Limited has already developed and successfully implemented software for these platforms:

Operating System Platform Includes…

Microsoft Windows ® 9X
Microsoft Windows ® CE for Personal Digital Assistants (Hand Held PCs)
Microsoft Windows ® 2000 (Server and Professional Edition)
Microsoft Windows NT Server ® 4 / 5
SCO Open Server ® Release 5.1
RedHat ® LINUX 6

Software Developers Group

At Present, there are 24 software developers at various level of skills and expertise under CNS Limited payroll. This number is expected to increase to 40 within next 6 months as per the new recruitment plans undertaken by the company. The developers of CNS Limited are distributed into 4 major Levels:

Programmer Level Contains…

Analyst Programmers or Level 1 Programmers
Senior Programmers or Level 2 Programmers
Programmers or Level 3 Programmers
Entry Level Programmers or Refreshers or Level 4 Programmers

At present there are 8 Analyst Programmers working as senior most developers. As per the rules and regulations of the company, each of them have a computer science graduation along with at least 3 years working experience in a reputed software development house. Analyst Programmers are responsible for assisting the system analysts in designing and documenting the design documents as well as developing crucial portions of the software and writing complex routines.

Senior Programmers and Programmers are responsible for writing codes and implementation of the software with the help of programmers and Refreshers. Each of them have their own team allocated specific to a project and report to the Software Development Managers or Systems Analysts responsible for management of the Project.

Along with this, CNS Limited has a team of 4 professionals responsible for quality control and documentation of the software. They act as program beta testers and are responsible for producing system and user manuals for a project.

System Requirement Analysis and System Designing

CNS Limited has 3 Senior System Analysts dedicated for the purpose of system analysis and design. Each of them have at least 5 years job experience in various levels of software development. They have visions and ability to design the software for CNS Limited clients.

Management of Software Development

The software division and data entry and processing division is headed by the Executive Director himself who is appointed by the CNS Limited authority. He is one of the Renowned software developer in the country and is reputed to be an outstanding Oracle products expert. The Software Development Manager is responsible for coordinating and follow ups of on-going projects. He is responsible of total project management along with project scheduling and job assignments.

Working Environment in Software Division

The software Division occupies three separate labs accommodating not more than 9 developers per room. The rooms are all air conditioned and well lumen for providing better working condition. There is a cafeteria at the lounge to serve the snacks to the developers. There are power backups and file backup facilities for every body. The database software and Internet based software are developed in the software division and enjoy better working environment.

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Featured Products

Programmer’s Net: E-commerce Portal for Book Shops

Programmer’s Net is a complete solution for your book shop. Check out the demo e-commerce portal for book shop. This highly customizable and manageable website is fully database driven and enabled to deliver the best online experience for your business. The site includes features like:

Active Server Pages

Code & page Reusing

Database Interface and Interaction
Cascading Style Sheet
Image Slicing
Macromnedia Flash
Dynamic Derived Dependent Menu
Lastly, A Fully Automated Dynamically Updatable Online Book Shop

Online Library Management System

Check out their online library management system working at one of the largest scientific research institute of Bangladesh. The project shows their expertise in large volume of data handling and manipulation. The site mainly emphasizes on data stability, other safety issues and encryption techniques.

Web Development Process: Where Customer Preferences Come First

At CNS Web Development Department, they make sure that they fully understand what services to offer their current and prospective clients. It is their pleasure getting to know you and your firm. Upon initial conversation, they get a feel for the type of firm that they are, the areas of practice you cover, the specific areas their firm services and what your ideas of a pleasing web site might be. We then decide on the perfect name for your web site. If you already have a name GREAT! We will assist you in transferring the name to our server (If the site will be hosted with our servers). With all of this in mind, our designers then layout the first draft of the home page. The rest of the web site is not designed until you are 100% satisfied with the look and feel of the home page. Once the home page is perfected, the remainder of the web site will fall into place! At this point the site is done and can be placed LIVE to its domain name! We will then do manual submissions of your web site to the major search engines that accept manual submissions (Yahoo!, MSN, AOL, Google, AltaVista, Ah-ha, Northern Light & Lycos). If continued on-line marketing is desired for your firm, we will help you proceed to the proper services that best suit your firms needs; such as: Guaranteed High Search Engine Placement, Email Marketing Solutions or other various law specific web sites that your firm can be listed with and found! Last but not least we will offer our continued support and advice to enhance your firm’s on-line presence!

What They Do Best

As Web expert Company they have the domain knowledge and their design work is custom to fit your firms with our cost effective solutions.

Major Arenas Include…

ActiveX DLL and ActiveX Web Components
Flash based Websites and Intro
Highly incorporated Database Solution with Oracle, SQL Server
Active Server Pages (ASP 3.0 and .net Platform)
Integrated Dynamic Pages Using Java Scripts, Applets and VBScripts
Integrated PHP, JSP, Servlets

They are offering creative and dynamic and unique music, sounds and clips for our clients. It is the unique offer for their clients from CNS Web Department. The sound track and music they compose from their inhouse sound studio and they optimize that for web with the best quality.

Hardware Vending


Supplier and Importer of State of the Art Brand Computers in Bangladesh

Since its inception in 1992, CNS has its reputation to be one of the leading hardware and networking accessories supplier for various government, NGO, private and public companies. CNS also has a reputation to be reseller of various reputed brands of computers and network accessories.

The journey of CNS in the field of hardware supply started with launching of Wearnes Personal Computer having x386 microprocessors. Gradually CNS grabbed the market with some other reputed brands like IBM. The tie up as a business partner with IBM boosted the sales of servers and workstations having different configuration and volumes. After rapid changes in IT market following the September 11 Incident and transfer of IBM central office in Dhaka, CNS, with an urge to stay and serve the market tied up with Dell, one of best sellers in USA and contemporary world. With its technical support professionals trained in higher skills in maintenance of electronics and computers accessories, CNS vowed to provide yet better and more efficient services in supply and technical support of brand computers and accessories. CNS is a proud business partner of Dell Inc, USA and supplies various product lines bearing the brand of Dell including servers, PCs and notebooks.

Supplier and Importer of Clone PC and Computer Accessories & Peripherals in Bangladesh

CNS has already sold and installed over 10,000 (Ten thousand) clone micro computers ranging from 386SX to Pentium IV. Since 1992, CNS has imported various brands of accessories specially Kobian (Mercury brand products) and Samsung products. The products included various monitors, network interface cards, routers, display adapters and AGP, memory chips, casings and other regular accessories.

Other than micro computer CNS also sold and installed printers, plotters, scanners, voltage stabilizers, and UPS etc.

Supplier of Networking Accessories and Service Provider for Establishment of Network

CNS Limited, since its inception in 1992 has a reputation to be one of the leading service providers for networking to various concerns. CNS Limited is a reputed reseller of Cisco ® networking products, which are industry leader in the present market. CNS Limited has implemented several networks comprising LAN and WAN along with wireless networks. Throughout the enormous projects, CNS has worked on different platforms like various flavors of UNIX, LINUX, Windows based platforms like Windows NT Server, Windows 2000 Advanced Server, Novel based networks etc. CNS Limited has used various topologies and approaches to accomplish such projects and the networks are serving their purpose in different concerns.

Hardware Installation and Support

CNS Limited is presently providing its hardware maintenance and support to various clients among which WASA, BIT (Bangladesh Institute of Technology), North South University, NIIT (Shantinagar Franchise), BCSIR (Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research), BANSDOC, Bangladesh Parliament etc. are enjoying the maintenance and warranty support from CNS Limited.

CNS Limited has its own resource personnel each trained individually specializing in specific fields of support. The support division has 9 Professionals at present and provides extended support for various problems in hardware, Warranty claims and replacement and upgrading of the hardware resources. Typically brand Computers are vended along with an on-site and on-demand support warranty, which is provided through CNS’s own support professionals.

Data entry and Processing

CNS Limited has been in the IT field of Bangladesh for near about 10 years. Throughout this time span, it has successfully entered into some of the major profit making service industry of the field. Data entry and processing division is one of them. Started in 1992, the division has successfully entered millions of records for a number of government and local companies. Equipped with 2 full time Data Entry Supervisors, 10 Data Entry Checkers and 30 Operators, CNS is in a position to recruit and accommodate at least 50 more part time project specific Data Entry Operators. The logistic facilities of Software Division and support from the programmers has contributed in efficient data processing. The division enjoys extended support with related software developed for data entry purposes. At full capacity CNS Limited data entry division can enter and process standard 7,500,000 key strokes per day. Presently is working at capacity of 30%.

Logistics for Data Entry

Experience in Data Entry

CNS Limited provides data entry and processing service as a part of turn key Solutions. One of the major jobs, which it has accomplished, recently is entering and processing library books and members data in its software. BCSIR (Bangladesh Council for Scientific and Industrial Research) is a national library serving the major scientists and researchers in Bangladesh. One of the largest of its kind, the library went into full automation by procuring software and data processing services from CNS. Under the contract, approx. 0.2 million records having over 4 million Keystrokes has been entered.

CNS Limited has been awarded the prestigious job of data processing and printing computerized subscriber Bills and related MIS reports for Bangladesh Telegraph and Telephone Board (BTTB). The Billing of BTTB requires at least 135,000 records processing both electronically and manually each month, which is performed by CNS Limited using its own resources.

Mr. Khan Md. Quamruzzaman, one of the professionals of CNS Limited has experience of supervising and being in-charge of data entry for Voter ID Cards of Bangladesh Election Commission. Mr. Quamruzzaman has also worked as a Consultant for BANBEIS and NAEM under Ministry of Education.

Kind of Data Entry

CNS Limited Data entry operators are familiar with English Language as second language and can enter data at a rational speed and accuracy. CNS Limited can enter data of almost all types such as:

  • Most Common Criteria of Data Includes…
  • Alpha Numeric Data Sheet
  • Accounting Data
  • Historical and Descriptive Medical Data
  • Data Entry in Customized Software and Database, etc

Education and Training Services

One of the main objectives of CNS Limited through out had been to create job opportunities and employment. CNS Limited has been set up with a vision to contribute its share in development and creation of IT professionals in the country. Transforming population boom of the nation into human resource, and cater to the growing demand of IT professionals globally and to develop country’s human resource in to 100% value addition sector of the nation.

IT Education & Training

The IT Education & Training section shows some of the issues and relevant facts about CNS’s experience and achievements in IT education field.

CNS Education: Dedicated to Develop…

The Training division of CNS Limited operating with the name of CNS Education which now imparts training for individuals, PC users, professionals, as well as the corporate participants blending academic and career courses simultaneously. Offering the best advancement opportunity globally for professionals alike. CNS Limited takes care of the participants’ needs of training and development of skills. Situated in most convenient area of Malibagh, CNS Education has already imparted training to hundreds of students and transformed them into productive and skilled workforce in the IT Industry.

Training Methodology used by CIBT (CNS Institute of Business and Technology)

Training methodology adapted for imparting training constitutes of the following key measures

Use of Extensive Modern Training Aids

Interactive multimedia training aids supplement effective teaching to ensure the lecturer-student interaction and optimum level of personalized teaching. Emphasis is placed on both practical and theoretical work. Classrooms are fully equipped with state of the art training aids to provide the best environment for study. Constant follow up practice & advice is provided to ensure lasting value for training investment. Courses are conducted using time-tested courseware enabling easy learning and better retention by the students, to make the course program a medium of academic advancement and career oriented training tool of far reaching significance.

B. Review in Course Curriculum

Moreover, while working closely with the participants, our past experience with the corporate staff training courses gives us the necessary knowledge about taking care of the sessions in more efficient manner. Our courses are periodically evaluated by teachers of Universities and computer professionals. This keeps our courses completely up to date with advanced technologies and tools.

C. Instructor Led Training (ILT)

Hands on, in-depth training is delivered by the experts to ensure better training and understanding of the subjects being trained. The training plan and the curriculum are designed to develop and enhance the skills of PC Users to achieve efficiency and laying a sound foundation for the beginners.

D. OST (On-site-Training)

CNS Limited has imparted on site Corporate Training for many organizations also. These include training program in the premises of BANSDOC, IBM, BCSIR, BIT (Bangladesh Institute of Technology) etc. In case of On-Site-Training, CNS Limited uses its own professional faculty resources to ensure better performance and better understanding of the subjects covered.

E. Regular Training Programs

Apart from Corporate Training, CNS has provided computer training to some 100 students in courses like Office Application, Oracle RDBMS, C/C++, Windows NT Server, Visual Basic, Visual FoxPro, Internet Applications, etc

Managerial Capabilities & Resources for Training

Apart from the quality professionals engaged as faculty, CNS Limited focuses on the management of the training courses as a key part of its success. In this regard, The training or school section of CNS Limited has the following organization structure

Manager of the training division has experience of conducting and managing large scale corporate training. The course coordinator, under supervision and authority of Director, technical plans and designs the courses, sets training guidelines for the faculties, prepares schedules the classes. Counselors provide advice regarding the courses and collect the responses regarding the classes. Lab assistants help the students during the practice hours and maintain the lab to keep it operational for the next classes. This structure and efficient management has enabled CNS Limited to conduct the previous corporate mission critical training courses, which had complicated topics and skills involved.

Training Skills in Sectors

CIBT holds periodic training programs for Advanced SQL Server, Visual Basic, JAVA and Oracle based products. Among them Oracle Database, DBA and Developer / 2000 training programs are reputed to be an international standard training program and many local concerns have participated in the training programs which is the major source of income for the training division. CNS Limited training division also holds periodic training programs in Macromedia Director, Flash, Basic Web Page Development, XML, JavaScript and VBScript, Cold Fusion and Oracle Web DB.

Training for Individuals and Human Resource Export

CNS Limited has already provided several key IT professionals in various USA and European concerns. The training division of CNS Limited has trained many professionals the foreign languages and basic communication skills along with advanced field level IT training to match the requirements of its foreign clients. In this regards, CNS Limited has developed its curriculum to match the corporate goals of various clients.

Corporate Training

The Corporate Training section describes about the accomplishments of the last few years in corporate training sector.

While providing professional IT training for its respected clients. CNS Limited has also acquired a distinct position in corporate training sector by successfully conducting several outstanding training programs for its corporate clients. The major focus of these training programs were distinct in subject and unique in nature. They emphasized on the need of its client and what they are willing to get out of it.

Title of the Training Program


Computer System Fundamental and Office Applications for Computerized Library Management System

Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (BCSIR)

Training to the Trainers (TOT)

Bangladesh Institute of Technology

Training to the Trainers (TOT)

Bangladesh Institute of Technology

Training to the Trainers (TOT)

Bangladesh Institute of Technology

Training to the Trainers (TOT)

Bangladesh Institute of Technology

Internship in CNS

It’s really a different experience to be an intern with a computer farm like CNS. This experience of mine can be referenced to be as being in wonderland, where Alice had an adventure in. Yes, we have been studying in N.S.U for last 4 years or more and obviously were learning all about this incredible machine called computer, but trust me this world outside is completely different than this. Well one might think that how different can this be! Well my friend I want to tell you that, this working world is completely different than this education world. We have learned couple of language such as Java, C, C++ etc. But to be frank, for this organization we need a lot of practice for programming in a depth. First one week was for orientation, to learn about this organization, about how to behave, what to do and what not to. Then the remaining weeks were about real life IT experience.

For the readers’ convenience, the whole experience has been discussed by dividing it in several parts.

Orientation. (1st day)
2. Introduction to the organization and to the employees of the organization. (1st week)
3. Working with the department for Web development. (3 weeks)
4. Working with the department for Data entry. (2 weeks)
5. Working with the department for Training along with the department for Data entry. (4 weeks)
6. My Project. (2 weeks)


On the very first day we started our work. We were taken to the conference hall of CNS. There we had a meeting with the Director of CNS, Mr. Md. Ikram Iqbal, who also takes care of the interns in CNS. We had a long conversation about with him about,

How to conduct in CNS.
Where to find what in CNS,
What type of services they provide,
What will be our job as an intern,

How to conduct in CNS? Every organization has there own code of conduct. The boss and subordinate relation should be maintained, even though we can call our boss as brother (bhai). All of us will have a supervisor to work with and we need to fulfill his requirements.

Where to find what in CNS? All the departments have their name on the door. So to get any information about anything, all we have to do is to go to that department and take the necessary information.

What type of services do they provide? List of all the services provided by CNS ltd. is already given in previous pages.

What will be our job as an intern? Well whatever we will be given to do will be our job as an intern. Our supervisor is the key man, who will give us different jobs and we need to report every single thing to him.

Introduction to the organization and to the employees of the organization

First 1 week we learnt about what we are supposed to do as an intern. We met the people already working in CNS ltd. They are really nice and friendly. We were then assigned with a supervisor. My supervisor was Mr. Md. Ikram Iqbal, who was the person responsible for the internship. Then we got introduced to different departments.

They had different rooms for different departments. They have,

1. A room for Training,
2. A room for software development,
3. A room for hardware and network support,
4. A room for consultancy,
5. A room for data processing for T.N.T,
6. A room for bill printing (T.N.T),
7. A couple of room for accounts and administration.

We have been given different choices of work depending on our preferences and on the preference of our supervisor. My first preference was to work in the software development department. But they don’t really let the interns work in that department. My second preference was to work with the web development team, and they have given me the job to work with them.

Working with the department for Web development

My first real job was to work with the web development department. Even though it was my 2nd preference, I was pretty good in web development, using asp, html, Microsoft front page etc. The services this department provides are already discussed in the web development section under the service section. These are,

ActiveX DLL and ActiveX Web Components
Flash based Websites and Intro
Highly incorporated Database Solution with Oracle, SQL Server
Active Server Pages (ASP 3.0 and .net Platform)
Integrated Dynamic Pages Using Java Scripts, Applets and VBScripts
Integrated PHP, JSP, Servlets

They used to give me different job everyday. These are,

making a webpage using html or
to create a part of one webpage or
to make a design of a web page or
to make an animation using flash etc
These jobs had a deadline for submission for that I had to work continuously and submit every single job in the appropriate time. All of these works had to be submitted to the supervisor and after seeing my work if he had any suggestion, he used to give me these suggestions to make appropriate changes. I had to work there for 3 weeks and after that they took me to the department for data entry and processing.

Working with the department for Data entry

Then I had to work with the data entry and processing section. I had to observe the data entry process for 2 days. There I was working under a supervisor. His name is Mr. Munir ahmed. He is one of the senior programmer in CNS. Then I was given a job to sit there to help the employee who is entering data in the server. They have this tape storages in which they bring the data from the T.N.T. board. That tape storage contains all the dumped file from the exchange. Then the employees there attach the storage with the computer in a separate room where they have this software to convert the necessary data to create the telephone bill. No person from outside and even no intern or employees from any other department were allowed to enter in that room. That software takes the information directly to the software for billing. The whole process is automatic. Now one might think that if the Billing is done automatically, then what is there to enter data? Well there are the facts we need to know about our telephone service in Bangladesh,

There are hundreds of places in Bangladesh where they still have analogue phones and hence no automated system like Dhaka has.
They have electronic meters which has a particular reading for per telephone line.
These meter reading are sent to CNS for billing by taking the reading in photograph.
Then it’s the job of the employees of the data entry department of CNS to enter the reading in the server for billing.
The other type of data are entered are for the telephone changes of address or owner etc. What I had to do is to observe the system and if they have any problem with entering any data then to fix it. For example; there can be some mistake in the raw data given to be entered, may be the figure is too big or may be the number is wrong. In these cases we need to mark the mistake and send it back for correction. I had to work there only in that department for 2 weeks. Then I had to work there but also had to attend and help to conduct the training with the training department.

Working with the department for Training along with department for Data entry

Then with this department I had to attend the training, they used to give to the employees of Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (BCSIR). My main purpose of attending the department was to find out different ways to make a library management system apart from the system they have already developed for Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (BCSIR). For that I had to attend the training session named “Computer System Fundamental and Office Applications for Computerized Library Management System.” The training was already going on for one and half month. So they have covered up everything up to no.5 of the area covered list given below. Now it was time for every one to be familiar with the library science. I had to attend the class which was 2.5 hours every day and also had to help them to run the class properly and also had to work to develop a library management system that can be used commercially and had to be different than the existing library management system made for BCSIR. Not only that I also had to work for the data entry department, the job I was already doing. I had to work with the training department for 4 weeks.

When last 15 days left for my intern to be finished, they told me start the coding part for my software. I started working on the software all alone where normally a group of programmers work to develop. By the mean time I had to work for the department for web development again. In the training department I also had to help them to conduct some tutorial class for programming with Java. As they got to know from my resume that I had previous experience as a tutor for Java, in one organization, they gave me to take some classes to prove myself.

Center Head, Counselors, Full Time Faculty, Support Officers

Area Covered

1. PC Fundamentals
2. Windows Operating System: User and Administrative Levels
3. PC Troubleshooting
4. Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel & Microsoft PowerPoint
5. Using World Wide Web and Email
6. Library Science and usage of Computers in Libraries
7. OPAC (Online Public Access)
8. Using Customized Library Management System (User and Administrative Level)

My Project

After the training program I got some idea about the Library Management System for BCSIR. Then my main job started. Then I had to develop a commercial online Library Management System by my own” One person working on all the sides of the software.” I had to do all by myself starting from the analysis to the software development (coding). When I was given to find out the ways to create a new software, I found out the following things that a commercial online Library Management System should have,

Ø User-friendly Interface
Ø Online registration for members
Ø Validation of form before submission
Ø Search books by Title
Ø Search books by Authors’ name
Ø Search books by Category
Ø Rent facility
Ø Return facility
Ø Cash transaction online (through cards)
Ø Security

Then I was told to develop the software in 20 days all by myself with out any other person to assist me, whereas a lot of people work for developing such software. Now it started to work as a true programmer. After working for about 3 weeks I have developed the software all by myself. It took almost 15 days to code and to design the software.

My software gives the following facilities,

Ø User-friendly colorful Interface
Ø Online registration for new members
Ø Validation of form before submission
Ø Search books by Title
Ø Search books by Authors’ name
Ø Search books by Category
Ø Rent facility
Ø Return facility
Ø Cash transaction online (through cards)
1. Registration card

2. Refill account card

Ø Security through username and password for
1. Members’

2. Employees’

Going Forward

The Information technology is growing very fast in this world. It is now considered as the most promising field. To get the real taste of IT experience, we need to do internship in IT farms or organizations related to IT. This experience gave me the chance to improve myself as an IT professional and now it will help me to enter this professional world.

The program developed has a very user-friendly graphical interface that requires no training at all. Improvement can be done by introducing another search page which will help users’ to search books by keywords. In future, I intend to incorporate some other algorithms for search into the software, to make it even faster.


To compete in this fast growing and most advance world of Information Technology is very tough and challenging. But this internship and project will give me the confidence to go forward to compete in this world as a computer science professional. It will help me to conduct training programs and also to create software under any organization or even to work by myself as a freelance developer. It also gave me a chance to know how to do business using these amazing machines called computers. Now I feel, I have a big world of opportunities in front of me. I want to utilize my talents and this experience which gave me the chance to have my first step in this awesome software industry.


Computer Network Systems (CNS) Limited, 6th floor, plot No. 6/4, Block “C”, Lalmatia, Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh;

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