Computer Technology

Almighty Allah has created us and placed us in this beautiful world. In ancient times man did not know how to produce food in order to eat; they did not have any knowledge about building a house. They also did not know how to make clothes and use it. At that time mankind seemed to be totally helpless. However when the civilization emerged, mankind began to learn the way of producing food, building structures and making clothes. When the population began to increase people have educated themselves to invent different scientific methods to meet their demands. Science has discovered many wonders which have changed the life of people dramatically. But ICT has been the most remarkable invention in the history of the world. It’s like Aladins magic lamp, nothing is impossible with ICT. Now it has become part and parcel of our daily lives. We can’t seem to go a single day without it. The invention of internet has added new dimensions to computer technology. Through a single click of the mouse we can easily connect with the whole world.


Computer Technology: Computer Technology is the study of the hardware and software that are the foundations of modern computer systems. Computers are now a fundamental part of everyday lives, controlling everything from toasters to nuclear power stations. The need to build and deploy effective computing infrastructure is now crucial to business and other organizations. Operating systems are computer programs that control computers allowing us to store information and run application software. They must support new hardware with multiple processors, ever faster and larger memories and a myriad of accessories and add-ons. You’ll go beyond Microsoft windows to learn about alternative operating systems, how operating systems work, and how to set up secure systems.

Condition of Bangladesh: Bangladesh is a developing country. Most of the people of this country lives below the poverty line. As a result the literacy rate of this country is very low. That’s why we can’t easily be familiar with any new scientific invention as like the people of developed countries. For example though computer was invented in 1945, we’ve inaugurated to use this in 1964 in our country. Internet was invented in 1969 but we’ve started to use this in 1996. Now at the modern age world is now marching ahead rapidly. To keep pace with the world’s community we need to gear up our march.

Importance of studying Computer Technology:

  1. We will have the skills to implement innovative computing solutions for new situations
  2. We may gain a qualification that allows you to join an industry that has a strong demand for new workers and high rates of pay for computer technology specialists.
  3. We can understand the world’s most advanced computing and network technologies, and know how to harness their power effectively to meet the needs of industry and society.
  4. You will be studying at Waikato, the first home of New Zealand’s connection to the Internet and one of the leading network research institutions in the world.

Recently people of our country have started using computer technology in different fields to make our life easy and comfortable. Why we should use computer technology in different fields for the development of our country is given below.

Education: No nation can develop without education. So for the enrichment of a country education is a must. In this modern age traditional way of teaching has been changed in rich countries. But in our country teachers use to write on black board and students note down this on their khata. As a result teachers can’t deliver their lecture properly and students also can’t give concentration to their lecture. These causes hamper to their study. Besides this kind of teaching system is dull and boring. By using multimedia projector we can make our classes more enjoyable. As a result students don’t need to write down on khata what their teacher said or write on black/white board rather they can give more concentration on their teacher’s lecture. Besides we also can know everything about different educational institutions, their curriculum and admission system through website by using internet. Now most of the public universities have started online admission system which has made revolutionary change in this site. For preparing assignment we can browse internet to collect data which is much beneficial for our educational purpose.

Fashion: Most of the people like newer and fashionable things. They want fashionable cloth, shoes, and all the jewelries even people want fashion when they get up in the morning and till to bad.  Fashion is altering day by day such as few days ago short shirt was the fashion in Bangladesh but now people like fit and long shirt. Fashion is developing in many ways. Computer brought a great change in fashion. Now all the cloth, shoes or any product are designed by computer. And after completing the design we can see the preview and if it is ok make the real product and if there is wrong we can change the design. After producing the product many companies make their advertisement with the help of computer. All the developed countries follow this way. But in Bangladesh most of the companies don’t follow this way. So that they cannot develop their design. And they couldn’t make advertise best because they don’t use computer. But it is the matter of joy many companies have started using computer. It is very good for us.


E-commerce: Commonly known as electronic commerce. It means business transaction through internet, telephone, credit card etc. Without the help of cheque or cash payment of money on behalf of the buyer. The money paid by the company is the modern method of transaction. Money, labor and time are saved in E-commerce transaction. When we purchase things which are risky to carry we can use that. In our country this system has introduced in big cities. E-commerce is especially convenient in import and export business. An importer in one country can know about the commodity he wishes to import from another country and order for it through internet without being physically present there. He may even see the commodity on the screen and be sure about its quality. Thus money, labor and time are saved in transactions through E-commerce system. There are many types of risk in Bangladesh to carry liquid money. It may be stolen or somebody may hijack you. In European countries they use credit card to buy something from shop. It is very safe to use, and every shop have the credit card machines but in Bangladesh it is a sweet dream. So we cannot use credit card though we want to use it.

Transport system: Transport is playing a vital role in our everyday life. If we visit a short way vehicle isn’t needed but if we want to go a long way we must travel in a bus, train or plain for these we need ticket. Ticket is composing in computer and it is in a suitable from so we can easily understand. If we want to go in foreign we need passport, visa, etc. and all these process complete with computer. In developed countries they must follow the traffic rules. If anyone break the rules, there is a computer controlled camera in the street that shows a signal and police caught the driver. In Bangladesh ticket, passport, and visa system has started to done by computer but there is no computer in street. As a result driver can easily break the rules and police is unable to catch them.

Entertainment: entertainment is the integral part modern life. Everybody wants entertainment in everywhere. For entertainment computer added a new form of in our life. Listening to music on computer, watching movies on VCD\DVD using personal computers are as easy as on CD/DVD/VCD player cheap special accessories to turn a computer into a TV set. Watching and recording of TV or even satellite TV programs are now possible on computer. Video programs are recorded by digital video camera can be directly transferred to computer. Later they can be editing in various way. Computer games are a new form of entertainment that thrilled the kids and the elders. Every imaginable game is now availing on computer: soccer, cricket, golf just a few to name.  In our country people use radio, television, VCD player, for music and video. But computer is very easy for this. We save our music or video in computer and show it whenever we want it. And computer has a huge memory for save our video or music. We can make music and edit a video by using computer even we can change our voices and play a game by computer for these we need software. So we can declare that computer is one of the names of entertainment. But Bangladesh is a poor country so every people don’t have a computer so are deprive from this usefulness of computer. If we use computer for our music then our games, music, video, picture are developed.

Calculation: Computer can calculate a huge amount of data which is quite impossible for a man. It can do a complex calculation within a second. And we can keep data of calculation in computer. Calculation is also important for our business. In Bangladesh most of the big business firms use computer. But some big and all small or general business firm don’t use computer for their calculation. They keep their data and information in a note book which is very difficult and time consuming matter. If the note book is lost their data and information is lost. There is no way to recover this. If there are errors it’s very difficult to find out and correct it. So this system of keeping information is very risky. But if they use computer they can keep their account so easily. Not only business or bank but also different government or semi-government offices can maintain their calculation through using computer. It also saves time and labor.

Industry: At present time economic development of a country mainly depends on industrial improvement. When the industrial revolution was held at the middle of 19th century in England industrial production was increased rapidly. Modern manufacturing plants are all computer based. Production, quality control, process control is done using computers. Results are better products and more production at low cost. Robots are replacing human workers where working conditions are hazardous. Automated production plants also have strong monitoring facilities. Any abnormal condition or accident is promptly reported and immediate actions are taken by pre-programmed computers. Computers in design engineering have been playing an effective role. Design of devices and modifications or corrections, post production view etc can now be done on computers at very low cost. Three dimensional design of aero plane, car etc is now entirely done on computers. Such models are easy to build and test before production.

Banking: Banking is called the life blood of economy of any country. Because it circulate blood (money) whole through the country. In our country banking transaction needs to maintain a long procedure. It’s very difficult to sanction loan from bank. Besides it’s very tough to maintain accuracy in mathematical calculation without using computer. To preserve all the documents of account holders there is no alternative of computer. Daily, weekly or monthly balance of transaction is readily available all the time. At present computer has added new dimension to this sector. Once we need to go to bank for opening bank account, withdrawing money and depositing money but at this time we can do this entire thing from ATM booth or first track using ATM card. We can’t run international business without bank. Not only for import and export but also for sending foreign currency bank is a must.

Traffic jam: Bangladesh is the most densely populated country in the world. As a developing country with the narrow roads we can’t meet up the demand of this huge population. As a result often we are strucked by long traffic jam specially in the capital of Dhaka. A statistics show that everyday it is wasting 32 crores working hours of our country. We can save this time through using internet technology for sending personal/official documents or information. Then we don’t need to go physically from one place to another with the documents or information. Thus we can remove pressure from the roads. This will also save the fuel energy of our country. Apart from this people can use their saving time for doing another work. Use of electronic signal also may reduce traffic jam. If we can give precautionary information using internet like weather forecast to the drivers about traffic jam they can be aware of this. This system also can control traffic jam.

Business: Business plays a vital role in the economy of a country. That’s why most of the people earn their livelihood through business. Once the production and transaction of business was very slow. But now-a-days collection of raw material, storage, production, evaluation of demands, and proper distribution all are managed by computers. In a computerized store inventory system, knowing the status of a stock item is just a mouse click away. This improves the management of business as well as customer service. Presently people can purchase his necessary things from super markets using credit card which is much safer than liquid money. Credit card facility and online verification systems allow purchase by phones and over the internet.


E-learning: in different parts of the world especially in rich countries they have introduced this process of learning. Through this process anybody can join the classes of a renowned varsity of any part of the world sitting in his home. Not only classes but also he can visit their library to continue his study. Even he also can attend the exam by sitting in front of a computer. This has made dramatic change in education system. Introducing this system in our country we can relies pressure from various educational institutions of our country. Thus we can change the education system of our country.

Election system: For making voter ID card/national ID card computer is a must. Besides it also help us to preserve all the personal information of every single people of our country. Traditional way of our voting system is very time consuming matter it’s very costly and there’s a chance of corruption. But if we can use EVM (Electronic Voting System) we can save our time, money and there will be no chance of corruption. Presently our government is thinking to keep the chance of vote for the citizens of our country who are living in the different parts of the world. As a citizen of the nation they have the right to give vote and it have it be done through internet.

Health and Medicine: Health service is the basic needs of a man. Before using computer it was very difficult to locate the disease and the cause of disease. When we started to use computer in this sector then it was used for diagnosing for illnesses, monitoring patients during critical surgery, controlling and coordinating different equipment etc. In resent times small specialized computers are inserted into human body to travel inside and takes pictures to help determine internal physiological problems. Specialized computers like artificial are also built and used successfully in human body. Pacemaker is one such device that has saved the lives of heart patients. Artificial cochlea implants are enabling born-deaf to hear. Most modern diagnosis equipments are controlled by computer. Had they been operated by human, there would have been higher chance of making mistakes. Being computer controlled such an equipment can help accurate reliable diagnosis, even by not so experienced doctors. CAT (Computer Aided Tomography) scan, EMR (Electromagnetic Resonance) etc are few examples of computer based sophisticated medical equipments.

E-Government: E-Government is that kind of ruling system where the government is bound to maintain transparency and show respect to democracy. Being detouched from the common masses E-Government is not allowed to run any work of the government in an intransparent way. In this ruling system every people can participate in all works of the government. Best use of the ICT should be ensured to prevent the secret practice of governments work. If we can make sure the use of information technology in every works of the government from land recording to every offices or courts, we will be able to reduce corruptions in these sectors. Transferability and accountability will increase than previous time among the rulers. Through this kind of activities our software industry will rise rapidly and it will be able to draw the attention of the sponsors. One day Bangladesh will also become a software exporting country. Educated unemployed people will get the chance of employment. Per capita income will rise higher and life standard will be up to the mark. E-Government is the better way of ruling system for overcoming distance and providing best service to the general people much easily.

Agriculture: The economy of our country is mostly depends agriculture. Being a small and most populous country in this world our cultivating land is decreasing day by day. As a result our present production rate is unable to meet up the demand of our huge population. Apart from this our agriculture is totally depends on nature. That’s why our agriculture can’t contribute much in our economy. If we take a look to the agricultural system of developed countries we will see that they are using computer technology in ploughing land, planting crops, nursing them and harvesting crops. They are also using technology to watered the plant, giving fertilizer and spraying insecticides. They are also making the best use of technology for preserving, marketing and supplying the agricultural products. In a word we can say that their whole agricultural system is controlled by computer technology. For this reason their production rate is higher than us and their marketing and supplying system is much easier.

Communication: As a social being man needs to communicate with others. Once they use to write letters to exchange their views and information. It was a time consuming matter and sometimes it may go in wrong address. It was much laborious also. But now computer technology has changed the communication system rapidly. At present time we can directly contact with our near and dear ones through mobile phone. We can share our personal and official information’s with the people of different countries through e-mail using computer. For maintaining friendship Mark Jukerbarg has invented facebook. Using this we can chat with friends, share some memorable events of our life through uploading pictures, giving status and write on wall post. We also can watch and talk directly with our kith and keen through skype. The most remarkable achievement for communication sector is saving time. It has also resumes cost.

Tourism: In leisure time ever people wants to visit somewhere. Those people who are capable they can visit abroad and the general people visits around the country. Now-a-days this sector is playing a vital role in the economy of a country. the economy of some country like Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Maldives, Nepal, Bhutan is mostly depends on this sector. We have also enough chance to develop our country in this area. If we can draw he attention of the people from home and abroad through website or different media the will be more interested to the tourist spots of our country. We also can inform them through different social networking site like facebook or tweeter. Using internet people can know about the location of a new place, communication system, facilities of that place, guidance of the spot, security etc. Few months ago new 7 natural wonders were elected through internet. Our Sundarbans and Cox’s Bazar were in the primary list. Though they were not elected our tourism site flourished much through this.

Research: Different scientific inventions are the result of laborious and relentless research work of scientists. Once to research about anything was a time consuming mater and the cost was very high which was not possible for all scientists. But now-a-days the scenery has changed much. Today a scientist can continue his/her research work without much trouble. For running research work many information is needed which a scientist can collect from internet. This will make their work easier. There’s a another thing which has made revolutionary change in this sector and that is once if a scientist do a research work on any topic after his death or after some years if any other scientist wants to do research on the same topic he has to start newly because of information gap. But presently if anybody wants to do a research work he can start from that point where his previous scientist has stopped. It’s only possible for the development of computer technology.


Publication: Now-a-days publication has emerged as an important sector in our country especially in education. Previously it was very difficult to publication something because there was no computer. At that time publishing industries used to use mechanical tools. Using these tools, compositors would compose, proof-readers would check the spellings and editors would edit. However, these were very difficult, time consuming matter and required much skilled. It was hardly possible to change the shape of typefaces, symbols. Inserting pictures was tedious job. With use of computers all of these publishing tasks are now easy to do on computers. Once the desired output is found final composed material is transferred to high resolution printer to print on transparency. Making plate and then printing from them is common job for printing presses. Computerized publishing has lessened the cost of publishing on one side and improved the quality of printing on the other. Today, most of the newspapers and magazines are composed, design and layout on computers. When there was no computer color printing was extraordinary hard job at that time. But presently color adjustment, separation all can be done on computer. With the development of internet, publishing takes a new turn. There are newspapers/magazines that publish only electronically on the internet or on CDs. Some have both the printed and internet versions.

Barriers of Internet Use of Bangladesh:

For Bangladesh, the priority should be to provide Internet access to academic institutions and to the intellectual communities. Also, private users should be more encouraged to create their own access to online Internet. Having an Internet account is the primary thing, but not all: using the Internet for productive purposes and for real benefits is the main issue. From the above discussions, it is clear that high service charges by the providers, a poor telecommunication system, government policy, and low buying power of potential clients are major barriers. But a more congenial and rational government policy may improve the whole scenario tremendously. A democratically elected government should not be governed by sacrificing the future of its people for immediate benefits. There is no reason for the BTTB to impose high costs on private VSAT use. The current charge of US $8,625 per provider per month can easily be reduced to at least US $1,000. This will encourage more providers and will ensure healthy competition between them, ultimately reducing the online charge and improving service quality. Rapid privatization of the telecommunication sector may remarkably enhance the speed of renovations through open-market competition. A national unity between the ruling party and the opposition is essential on this vital issue in order to resist workers’ unrest. Unless more competitors, more investments, and more innovations are encouraged in the field, only government effort will bring proportionate value for money in this sector. National newspapers may play a key role in creating such unity. Buying power of potential clients will not immediately increase, but government may introduce lucrative consumer loan policies and may reduce taxes on computers and accessories to enable people to have their own PCs.

Now, the question comes: who will build the national academic network? Certainly, the government! For Bangladesh, we will propose two other national networks: one for health (as academic institutions for health are controlled by the Ministry of Health) and another for government administration. But the government’s policy makers will require influence or pressure from external sources to establish these networks. The Internet activists should come forward to make a national lobbyist group to liaise with the government and also to mobilize the national newspapers in creating social awareness and demand. The newspapers should not depend on Western media for glamorous Internet features; rather they should publish articles for building a productive domestic policy for the Internet. Institutional support from the international donor agencies has an obvious role. The donor initiatives for building African national networks are noteworthy, and similar initiatives should immediately be started in our part of the world. The role of the World Bank and other major development agencies in formulating policy of developing countries is well known. We stress not moral, but financial and technical assistance from these sources. The donors should take special initiative to support the government of Bangladesh to create a connection with the global information superhighway that will enable the country to obtain the cheapest and speediest access

Advantages of using computer technology in our country are given below:

  1. Saving time is the most remarkable advantage for computer technology. We can spend this time for doing another work.
  2. In E-government ruling system everybody can know how government is ruling the nation. This will obviously ensure transparency and accountability among the rulers and they can be aware of their rights and responsibilities.
  3. From making voter ID card to electronic voting system everywhere computer is a must. This has mad election system much batter and fair.
  4. Business production and transaction has increased for using technology. We can do shopping by credit card or debit card without using liquid money.
  5. Now we can easily identify the disease and do treatment of patients. Now people can get the tips of renowned doctors through internet sitting in home.
  6. For using computer in publication time, cost and labor has saved.
  7. Agriculture sector has changed dramatically for using computer technology. Now scientific method of cultivation can easily apply to produce more food.
  8. We also can earn money from internet using different websites. For this we don’t need to go outside rather we can do this sitting in home.
  9. Much information is needed to continue research work. Any researcher can collect this information from internet.
  10. Internet is playing a vital role in our tourism sector to introduce this among the people of the world. It I cheap and easier than manual publicity system.
  11. We can give prediction about weather forecast using computer technology which is very much helpful in our day to day life. It also can predict about storm or tornado.
  12. We are producing millions of industrial goods through computer technology. Its quality is better than hand made goods. Computer controlled robots are using to produce such kind of goods which is impossible for man.
  13. Computer technology has made banking transaction easier than previous time. Now we can deposit or withdraw money from ATM booth without going bank.
  14. The cost of using computer technology is also lower than any other sectors. As a result people of all classes including rich and poor can enjoy the benefit of this.
  15. It also makes our life easy and comfortable. Now we can do any work much easier than previous time.
  16. It is increasing the criteria of our knowledge. By sharing our ideas with other people we can gather much knowledge about different things of the world. Thus we can learn many things from this.
  17. It’s making easy the traditional way of teaching. For using multimedia education now has become enjoyable in stead of become boring. Online admission system has also removed our sufferings.
  18. It also helps to reduce traffic jam. If we can send necessary information through internet then we don’t need to go from one place to another place physically.
  19. E-learning can release pressure from our educational institutions. Besides we can get chance to study in a renowned university. We can visit their libraries also through internet.
  20. We can easily communicate with the peoples all around the world. This will help us to maintain relationship with them. We also can know about their culture, custom and behavior.

There is no unmixed blessing in this world. Everything has some good and bad side. Computer technology is not out of this. It has also some disadvantages for which we are facing different problems. These are

  1. In medical treatment now people got information from internet (using computer) but sometime there are many false information which is harmful for the patients.
  2.  In photo editing system people make many false photo and those people are able to blackmail another people.
  3. In transport system tickets is ready with the help of computer and many way people hake the ticket and make a false ticket.
  4. In research work scientist collect data from internet (using computer)   many time the information are false so that scientist can’t do their work properly.
  5. In fashion design people stole designs of another people very easily by using computer. For this reason real designers are facing threat of existence.
  6.  Computer can change voice of a singer, it is helpful to those people who doesn’t know how to sign a song. As a result real singers are deprived of getting chance. It is a great threat to our music industry.
  7. Though the cost of using technology is low but the primary cost is very high which is not possible to bear for all the people of our country.
  8. Students can get everything related to his study in internet (using computer) for this reason they don’t read books properly. As a result they lost their creativity.
  9. In banking and E-commerce system we use credit card or debit card, if we lost these we fall in big trouble and if anybody know the password he/she can draw our money from bank.
  10. In calculation people use computer. For this reason they become more dependent on it and lose their efficiency in calculation.
  11. In E-education system student can learn without going class but it doesn’t fulfill the class advantage.
  12. In banking system all the information & secret are kept in computer. If the information are deleted by somehow and there is no alternative copy they will face huge problem. There is also the problem of hacking.
  13. People can download songs or copy from a friend. As a result cassette industry may fall in big trouble.
  14. Our government is making everything digitalized. As a poor and less educated country every people can’t use technology. By this chance some dishonest businessmen are taking extra facilities using internet.
  15. Sometimes it is seen that many school or college going students are entering in cyber cafe and browsing some illegal and rough website.
  16. Using computer excessively may cause harm to our health. It may cause eye sight problems, it also may affect on our brain.
  17. For maintaining communication most of the people use different social network like facebook or tweeter. But when they use these excessively it may create different problems. Besides it consume their valuable time.
  18. Though use of computer technology in agriculture sector is very good and time saving matter, its cost is very high which is not possible for the poor farmers of our country.
  19. As a most of the work is done by computer, so human operator is not needed. This will create huge unemployment problem. It’s a great threat to a over populated country like ours.
  20. Most of the people have wrong notion about introducing their child with computer technology at an early age. It may affect on their mentality in later life.


Recommendations: To solve this kind of problems some pragmatic steps should be taken by the government. If they can apply these then we can hope to build up a developed country using computer technology. Some recommendations are given below:

  1. Government should introduce different training institute where people can learn about computer and apply this knowledge in their practical life.
  2. Government should withdraw tax from computer devices as if anybody can buy these easily.
  3. Speed of internet should increase so that user can use this more rapidly.
  4. Law should be enforced strictly by the authority in power for protecting the excessive use of illegal website.
  5. Awareness among the common masses should be raised about the importance of using computer technology.
  6. Authority in power should take steps to reduce the cost of using internet. Because financial condition of most of the people is not so high.
  7. Government should protect ‘Brain drain’ from our country. As a result we will get more and more expert computer technologist.
  8. Internet banking transaction should make more secure so that people can rely on this.
  9. Production of electricity should increase because it is needed to use computer and other electronic devices.
  10. Authority should take pragmatic steps to spread this technology in the root level of the country.
  11. Educated people also should come forward to teach the village people about computer technology.
  12. Government should start using computer technology in doing their day to day administrative work. As a result public will get better service.
  13. Authority should make computer studies as a compulsory subject for the students.
  14. In this modern age authority should be conscious of the fact that our young generation can’t mix up with others culture forgetting our culture.

Conclusion: If we can apply these recommendations properly then we can hope to live in a peaceful and prosperous Bangladesh. On the way of building a computer technology based country we have to face huge problems but we should not stop marching ahead. But it’s not the only duty of the government. General people also should come forward in this regard. It is the latest miracle that has brought revolution in the application of science for the benefit of mankind. It is impossible for Bangladesh to improve her situation without using computer even it is impossible for all country to improve their situation without using computer. Otherwise it will be disloyalty with the holy blood of freedom fighters of our country for which they have sacrificed their glorious life.