Lecture on Oracle Data Management System


Every business enterprise maintains large volumes of data for its operations. With more and more people accessing this data for their work the need to maintain its integrity and relevance increases normally, with the traditional methods of storing data and validity are very high.

Oracle is an Object Relational Database management System (ORDMS). It offers capabilities of both relational and object-oriented database system. In general, objects can be defined as reusable software codes which are location independent and perform a specific task on any application environment with little or no change to the code.

Oracle products are based on a concept that known as the client/server technology this concept involves segregating the processing of an application between two systems. One performs all activities related to the database (server) and the other performs activities that help the user to interact with the application (client).

A client or front end database application also interacts with the database by requesting and receiving information from the ‘database server’. It acts as an interface between the user and the database. Further it also checks for validation against the data entered by the user The commonly used front end tools of oracle are SQL*Plus V8.Oracle from 5.0 and reports.

Tools of Oracle:

  •  SQL*Plus
  •  PL/SQL
  •  FORMS


SQL*Plus is a structured query language supported by Oracle. Through SQL*plus we can store, retrive, edit, and run SQL commands and PL? SQL blocks. Using SQL*Plus we can perform calculations, list column definitions for any table and can also format query result in the form of a report.


PL/SQL is an external of SQL.PL/SQL block can contain any number of SQL statements integrated with flow of control statements. Thus PL/SQL combines the data manipulating power of SQL with data processing power of procedural language.


This is a graphical tool used for generating and executing forms based applications. A form basically comprises blocks and fields. Multiple tables can be accessed over a single form, based on the application with the help of transaction commands. Oracle forms builder is the design component of oracle forms. We can build, generate and run an oracle forms applications from builder.


It is an application development tool of Oracle for developing, executing, displaying and printings reports. We can create a wide variety of reports, which have various modes.