Major Features of the Internet

Major Features of the Internet:

1. The world wide web.

2. E-mail.

3. News

4. Telnet

5. File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

6. Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

The World Wide Web

  • The World wide web is a part of the internet, which supports hypertext documents, allowing users to view and nevigate different types of data.
  • A web page is a document encoded with hypertext markup language (HTML) tags.
  • HTML allows designers to link content together via hyperlinks.
  • Every web page has an address ,a uniform resource locator (URL).


  • Electronic mail (e-mail) is the most popular reason people use the Internet.
  • To create, send, and receive e-mail messages you need an e-mail program and an account on an Internet mail server with a domain name.
  • To use e-mail, a user must have an e-mail address, which you create by adding your user name to the e-mail create by adding your user name to the e-mail server’s domain name, as in


  • One Internet based service called news, includes tens of thousands of newsgroups.
  • Each newsgroup hosts discussions on a specific topic. A newsgroups a some indicated its users special topic of interest, such as
  • To participate in a newsgroup, you need a news-reader program hat.left you read articles that have been posted on a news server. You can post articles for others to read and respond to.


  • Telnet is a specialized service that lets you use one computer to access the contents of another computer a telnet host.
  • A telnet program creates a “ Window” into the host so you can access files, issue commands, and exchange data.
  • Telnet is widely used by libraries to allow visitors to look up information, find articles and so on.

File transfer protocol

  • File Transfer protocol (FTP) is the internet tool used to copy files from one computer to another.
  • Using a special FTP program or a web browser, you can log into an ETP host Computer over the internet and copy files on to your computer.
  • FTP is handy for finding and copying software files, articles and other types of data. Universities and software companies use FTP servers to provide visitors with access to data.

Internet Relay chat (IRC)

  • Internet Relay chat (IRC) is a service that allows users to communicate in real time by typing text in a special window.
  • Like news, there are hundreds of IRC “channel” each devoted to a subject or user group.
  • You can use a special IRC program to participate in chat room discussions but many chat rooms are set up in web sites, enabling visitors to chat directly in their browser window.