Trend of Internet Service

Trend of Internet Service:

Bangladesh joined the Net on June 6, 1996 through Information Services Network (ISN) limited with first ever 64 kbps VSAT transmitting and receiving data via a Hong Kong Gateway. There are around 40 Internet service providers in Bangladesh. In a globalization era Internet services are going faster with the advanced technology. There are around 40 Internet service providers in Bangladesh. In a globalization era Internet services are going faster with the advanced technology. With the discovering new technology Internet provide better service to the people in everywhere. The ISPs of Bangladesh are providing dial up, broadband Internet services and software and system integration services. They believe that they can only flourish when their customer are also successful. They ensure that their customers are successful by understanding and being responsive to their needs as well as working collaboratively with them to provide one stop faster cost competitive advantages in the world of electronic communication. There have been a few newcomers into the Internet services market. Some competitors have also entered in to a price war. The year ahead will see many new challenges as they work to sustain the profitability and increase their reputation as an innovator and major force for progress. Their plan not only to survive, but also to prevail as an industry leader as we find greater acceptance and success for their products. They move ahead in a business environment still coming to terms with new contradictory telecommunication regulations that hinders the IT industry’s growth and journey towards free global information flow.

They continue to manage their business prudently. Their top priority continues to be delivery the highest quality customer service while focusing on their customer service while focusing on their goals of growth and financial strength. They remain cautious about their short-term earnings outlook primarily due to the weak economy, increasing competition and substitution and regulatory uncertainty. They will continue to exercise rigorous financial discipline in their operations with a sharpened focus on other growth divers.

Internet service provider (ISP) is a commercial organization with a permanent connection to the Internet that sells temporary connections to subscribers. Individuals can access the internet through such popular online services as Bangladesh online limited, Aftab first. The Internet is perhaps the most well known and the largest; implementation of Internet working, linking hundreds of thousands of individuals networks all area the world. The Internet Has a range of capabilities that organization is using to exchange information internally or to communication externally with other organization. Internet technology provides the primary infrastructure for electronic commerce, electronic business and the emerging digital firm.

Name of the Internet service providers in Bangladesh:

  • Ø AB Network limited
  • Ø Access Telecom Limited
  • Ø Aftab IT Limited
  • Ø Agni Systems Limited
  • Ø Asia Online (BD) Limited
  • Ø Bangladesh Online Limited
  • Ø Bangladesh T and T Board
  • Ø BD. COM Ltd.
  • Ø BD corporation
  • Ø BD COM Online Limited
  • Ø Bijoy Online Limited
  • Ø BG Tech
  • Ø Brac Network System
  • Ø Dolphi Net
  • Ø Drink Online Limited
  • Ø E-Net Communications Ltd
  • Ø Global Information Services Ltd
  • Ø Grameen Cybernet Ltd
  • Ø Information Services Network Ltd
  • Ø KL BD Online
  • Ø Link  Technologies Ltd
  • Ø NCLL
  • Ø Pradeshta Network Limited
  • Ø Proshika Net Online Ltd
  • Ø Raspit .Com
  • Ø Shapla.Net
  • Ø Span internet Works Ltd
  • Ø Spark Systems Ltd
  • Ø Spectra Solution Ltd
  • Ø Spectra Net Ltd
  • Ø Square Information Ltd
  • Ø Trans- Net Ltd
  • Ø Vas Digital Communications Ltd
  • Ø Westec Limited
  • Ø Bangla . Net
  • Ø Global Link
  • Ø Progetel

Services provide by the Internet Service Providers in Bangladesh:

Information Services Network Ltd (ISN) :

In the year 1997 and 1998 the company consolidated its operations in all areas especially in Internet and turned its system to achieve high professional standard. The year 1999 exhibited a significant advancement for its joint venture agreement with a foreign partner.

Now ISN is a public limited company and its shares have been traded in stock exchange since 19th may, 2002.

 Services at a Glance:

Broad band Internet ( DSL, Radio, Fiber optic)

 Corporate Broad Band (12 bold itelic)

 Shared Broad Band

 Commercial Broadband

 Nation Wide Internet and Data connectivity


 Domain Registration, Web Development and Hosting

 Software Development.

 PC world Publication

 Dial Up Internet

  • Prepaid
  • Post paid

 Aftab IT Limited:

Services at a glance of Aftab IT Limited:

  •  E-mail
  •  Chat outline
  •  Web Browsing
  •  Web page Development
  •  Web Hosting
  •  Domain Name Registration
  •  Corporate E-mail (UUCP)
  •  Dedicated Lease line
  •  Email to Fax

Global Link:

  • Services of Global Link
  •  Dail up Internet Service
  •  Broad band connection
  •  Radio link connectivity
  •  Domain Name Registration
  •  Web page Development
  •  Web Hosting
  •  Corporate E-mail
  •  Fax to Fax  service

 Bangladesh Online Limited (BOL):

Services of BOL:

  •  Broad Band Solutions
  •  Dial up Solutions
  •  Web designing and Hosting
  •  Sign up
  •  Web mail
  •  Change password
  •  View usage
  •  Recharge
  •  SMS service
  •  Free home delivery
  •  Investor Relations
  •  Terms and conditions

What we will get using BOL’s Broad Band Internet:

  •  High speed
  •  Radio link DSL or ADSL modem connectivity
  •  Round the clock connection
  •  No telephone charge
  •  Dedicated Bandwidth link
  •  Unlimited email accounts and Internet access
  •  Easy download and upload facilities
  •  Live redundant servers and VSAT links guarantee our services to be always accessible even during system maintenance
  •  Provide free technical support 24 hours a day
  •  Friend by customer care department is trained to handle any solutions that may arise.

 Westec Limited:

Services of Westec :

  •  Email
  •  World Wide Web
  •  FTP Download
  •  Use net
  •  Internet Relay chat
  •  Prepaid, postpaid, unlimited and leased line internet connection
  •  High speed internet and Broadband service provider
  •  Dedicated Band width 64 Kbps / 128 Kbps and above though DSL
  •  Domain registration, Web hosting and Website design and development
  •  Setting up corporate Email server`

 Progetel Bangladesh Limited:

          Progetel Bangladesh Limited is a multinational company engaged in advanced information technology business in Bangladesh having 100% foreign investment from Italy. The progetel group started its operation in Italy in 1994 with the objective of providing modern telecommunication and IT services all over the world.

 Services at a glance:

  •  Dial up internet
  •  Corporate leased line
  •  Broad band internet
  •  Technological innovation (modern internet services)
  •  High quality services
  •  Customer relationship management
  • They also support free enterprise and seek to compete fairly and ethically and within the framework of applicable competitive laws.

 Technical competence of each ISP:


 Dedicated 3.1 MBPs link which is upgradeable up to 45 MBPs 24 hours world class support and services

 High end sun servers for mail, proxy , web, DNS and firewall for reliable performance  3 com total control access server for error free long on Security is ensured by sun firewall  World’s best 3.7 meter Andrew satellite antenna.

 Technical partners of progetel:

  • Ø Albacom (Italy)
  • Ø Andrews (USA)
  • Ø Cisco Micro System ( USA)
  • Ø 3 com ( USA)
  • Ø Nortel Networks
  • Ø Panamsat
  • Ø Sonema
  • Ø Sun Mocro system (USA)

Aftab IT Limited:

  • Ø Own high band width VSAT
  • Ø SUN enterprise and Hewlett Packard servers
  • Ø Cisco access servers, Cisco router,
  • Ø Cisco catalyst switches


  • Ø Having 2 mbps uplink
  • Ø Run by experience staff and admistrators
  • Ø Using the same mail server as hotmail that is handling 3 million email clients.
  • Ø 100 Dail in phone lines all with hunting capability
  • Ø WEB based tool for improved client service

 Drik Online Ltd

Drik pioneered IT in Bangladesh. With broadband capacity coupled with its unique position as a content as well as connectivity provider, it today delivers the entire spectrum of IT services under one roof.

Drik’s partnerships with the leading IT companies in the world and its international network of specialists, combined with its experience of working at a grassroots level, enables it to tackle the most complex problems with minimum fuss.

Drik TAP was the largest node in Telnet, a network for small-scale development projects setup with the idea of fostering the exchange of information, experiences, expertise and solutions to technical problems between southern partners.

DrikTAP was set up in early 1994 and has provided multifunctional electronic mail to link field workers, local organizations, technological institutions, international development organizations, activist organizations as well as governments, educational institutions and individuals.

This allowed organizations in Latin America, Africa and Asia to communicate via off-line email to each other and to national and international networks. DrikTAP, the node in Bangladesh, helped introduce full-fledged Internet in Bangladesh and was the initiator of new media activism in the country.

Services provided

  •    Dial-up connection
  •   Corporate lease line
  •   Broad band connection
  •   Web-page design and hosting
  •   Domain Name Registration
  •   Email to Fax
  •   Networking
  •   Graphics & Multimedia

Dial-up connection

Using traditional modem-and-telephone technology, Drik Internet provides single computer users a highly reliable access to the Internet, backed-up by professionally trained technical support for end users.

  Corporate lease line

Connect to the Internet with a lease line that has a fixed rent per month and connectivity without interruption.

 Broadband connection

We have the latest technology, which provides high speed Internet connectivity. This service has a fixed monthly rent and is far more convenient for Internet-users.


 A highly skilled & professional team is ready to provide you with total network solution and system integration. Special organizational needs are catered for. We specialize in both Internet and Intranet (LAN/WAN/VPN) services.

Webpage Design and Hosting

You can build your own WebPages and host it. Whether for business or other purposes a highly qualified team is ready to help you design your website.

 Domain Name Registration

Drikisp registers the domain.

Graphics and Multimedia 

  We have an excellent Graphics and Multimedia unit which we assure you, will meet your needs just as capably as it meets our own organizational needs, and that of other national and international clients! Try us.

BRAC BDMail Network Ltd.

BRAC, the largest NGO in Bangladesh, is highly dedicated towards changing the status of the under-privileged masses. In the context of rapidly changing socio-economic conditions in the country and the opportunities arising from globalization, BRAC is continually revisiting its approaches to ensure its effectiveness as a catalyst for change. Over a period of twenty-nine years, it has come to recognize the important role that it can play in the modernization efforts of Bangladesh. BRAC believes that information technology holds the key for future growth and it has reaffirmed its commitment to investing time and resources in this important growth sector. Consequently, BRAC itself has implemented an organization wide policy of introducing computers and state of the art software to its 575 branches throughout Bangladesh. This exercise will provide important impetus for a countrywide social change that has a strong technological base. BRAC BDMail Network Ltd. (BBN) is a sister concern of BRAC. BBN is in a position to provide the whole spectrum of Internet related services. BBN believes that innovative solutions, corporate vision, teamwork and a total commitment to its customers will help it to achieve the highest standards of personal and corporate excellence.

  • Services

1. PPP Connection
2. Web Development
3. Networking
4. E-mail To Fax Services
5. LAN Solution
6. Broadband Connection with DSL
7. Wireless Communication

Internet Service