People Are Blaming Frozen Wind Turbines For The Texas Blackouts. They’re Wrong

The deep freezing in the United States has had dire consequences, but the biggest impact is in Texas, where the greatest need is when 4 million people run out of energy. There are many causes of the crisis, but in an attempt to blame the problem with completely different sources, people with the intention of smelling renewable energy are presenting wind energy as a scapegoat.

When much of California hit by heat-driven blackouts in August last year, conservative politicians rushed to blame the Democrat administration and renewable energy. Some compete between two of America’s most populous countries, California and Texas.

Texas is now suffering from even worse power failures, with the same people rushing to blame the wind power again. The fossil fuel industry has always been encouraged to join the fight to compete with the cheapest renewable energy sources. The situation is certainly dire. Regardless of the source of heat, people are dying in severe winters, especially in conditions that not heated in conditions like these. Others are getting sick from carbon monoxide poisoning while trying to bring in unsuitable heat sources like generators or barbecue pits. However, responsibility for circumstances is a different matter, and using this destructive situation to attack renewable energy is not helping matters.

People Are Blaming Frozen Wind Turbines For The Texas Blackouts. They’re Wrong

Some claims are clearly unreasonable, such as blaming the Green New Deal, a program that has not yet enacted, let alone implemented. It is also not clear how wind energy is responsible for losing gas access to many homes. Pictures of helicopters have posted online to show their incredibility in the winter weather, despite successfully working in the coldest of winters. In fact, a picture of the fossil fuel helicopter rescued by members of the Republican Congress and the rescue of an ice-cold turbine by oil and gas consultants is not really Texas in 2021, but a protest in Sweden in 2014.

Such images often understood to mean the cancellation of wind advantages in so much fuel de-icing operations. Even in Scandinavia, de-icing is required only a few times in winter. Modern wind turbines produce so much energy that they prevent enough coal or gas to burn to return helicopter fuel within hours. 

The central complaint that the loss of wind production was due to the fact that many Texans lights were off, in the event of much more gas and coal production failing than the wind in the essentials, these complaints started after about 16 GigaWatts of renewable energy generators were not operational, which later reached 16 GigaWatts.

Some of the missing fossil fuel production was from powerplant equipment failures, but fuel supply failures were much more significant. Failure to maintain old infrastructure proves catastrophic, which is certainly not the fault of too much wind. Although it is probably better than a mayor who has blamed this problem for the laziness of the citizens. “Gas is failing in the most spectacular fashion right now,” Micahel Weber, a professor at the University of Texas, told the Texas Tribune. However, the claim that it was intentional has also refuted.

It is a standard practice for its resisters to rush to blame renewals whenever a blackout occurs on the grid with more than a few percent wind and solar. Although the claims are false, as the lights go out, sometimes it is through fake accounts. It often takes time to find the real reason and in the meanwhile, the source of the idea planted in the brains of many rich people. Those who want to help rather than spread misinformation online can find life-saving companies here in Texas.