Siblings Capture Selfie at the Exact Moment they are Struck by Lightning

The three siblings were extremely lucky to escape after being struck by lightning under a tree on Monday. However, what makes the story so special is that they were able to decorate a picture of lightning – almost exactly what struck them. Lightning struck over Molsi Lock in southwest London, especially after heavy rains. Isobel, Rachel, and Andrew Jobson paused to give Rachel a break in the bathroom, at which point the other two sought refuge under a tree.

Enjoying the wet day for biking, they took the opportunity to take a few pictures while waiting for the worst of it all. But Mother had other ideas of nature. Standing under a tree in a thunderstorm can be extremely dangerous – lightning strikes find the path of least resistance and it is often the longest object in the region. Sure enough, a bolt of lightning struck these three, knocking them to the ground and leaving them injured.

“Suddenly I fell to the ground and heard nothing but this high-level buzz,” Rachel told the BBC. “My whole right hand was numb and I couldn’t move it.” All three siblings were taken to hospital after pedestrians reached their feet. After receiving treatment for burns, the siblings were returned home, and no one was seriously injured. They reached out to media outlets to express their gratitude to St. George’s Hospital for thanking the hospital for the impressive care.

In the event of severe weather and the possibility of thunderstorms, the National Health Center environment recommends a number of protective measures to ensure that you are sheltered from injury. The number one suggestion is their tagline “When Thunder Roars, Go inside the House”. This includes any home, office, shop, or even a hard-top vehicle (windows roll up!). If this is not an option and you are caught in the open, immediately remove yourself from high ground. Mountains and gesals are the main targets of lightning and being on top of them make you the most objective in the immediate area.