World Leaders That Claim Going Green Hurts the Economy Are Stupid Or Liars, Says Arnie

Arnie is not thrilled with world leaders’ ineffective efforts to combat climate change, and he is not shy about expressing his displeasure. On BBC Radio 4’s “39 Ways to Save the Planet” series, Arnold Schwarzenegger discussed his experience as governor of California. How addressing the planet’s climate disaster does not have to be expensive, calling those who believe it does “liars” and “stupid.” On the contrary, he claims that “becoming green” may result in job creation and significant economic development. “You can safeguard the environment and the economy at the same time,” Arnie said Tom Heap, the show’s presenter, and journalist.

“All those countries that claim that “becoming green” would not result in employment losses. They are either lying, foolish, or do not know what they are doing. It all comes down to having the courage to do it.” From 2003 until 2011, Schwarzenegger was the 38th governor of California. A strong environmental record and the implementation of rigorous environmental legislation, such as the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006, which saw the United States’ first state-level curb on greenhouse gas emissions, highlighted his term. He attributes his achievement to channeling environmentalists’ voices while not convincing large business and industry that the action will affect earnings.

He emphasizes that this is not a political issue. “There isn’t a smidgeon of Democratic in the air. There is not a liberal in the room. There is not a hint of conservatism in the air. We are all inhaling the same air.” He also discusses how poor communication has delayed efforts to combat the climate catastrophe, as well as how he persuaded hardcore Republicans of the dangers of greenhouse gas emissions by rebranding it as a pollutant.

“No matter who I speak with, they all despise pollution and want to combat it, but they all say the same thing: ‘This climate change is a fraud.'” I tell them, “Let’s suppose it’s a hoax, and lets go write a law that cuts pollution,” and they agree. He feels that environmentalists intend well, but become caught down in dry numbers and language, making it difficult to explain the message of climate change.

“They offer you data and figures,” Schwarzenegger added, “but this isn’t going to sell the ticket.” “You can speak about what lens you used, how they did the financings… you have to tell the tale!” “If you go sell a movie, you can talk about what lens you used, how they did the financings… you have to tell the narrative!”

Next week, Arnie will go to Glasgow for the COP26 climate change meeting. While he is skeptical that world leaders would take adequate steps to solve the issue, he is confident that answers will emerge, particularly in the shape of developing technology. “We’ve solved difficulties before, and we know how to do it again – that’s the bottom line.”