Hatchettite (also mountain tallow, mineral tallow, mineral adipocire, or adipocerite) is a mineral hydrocarbon. It is a mineral paraffin wax C38H78 melting at 55° to 65° C in the natural state and at 79° C when pure, found in bogs and coal beds.

  • Chemical Formula: C38H78
  • Familly: Organic
  • Status: NR
  • Crystal System: Amorphous

Fig: Hatchettite

Hatchettite occurs in the coal measures of Belgium and elsewhere, occupying in some cases the interior of hollow concretions of iron-ore, but more generally the cavities of fossil shells or crevices in the rocks. It is of yellow color, and translucent, but darkens and becomes opaque on exposure. It is a yellow waxy mineral hydrocarbon found in coal-measures. It has no odour, is greasy to the touch, and has a slightly glistening luster. Its hardness is that of soft wax. The melting point is 46 to 47 °C, and the composition is C 85.55 %, H 14.45 %.


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