British Health Minister Matt Hancock Resigns after Social Distancing Craze

LONDON – Britain’s involved health minister Matt Hancock resigned on Saturday, revealing a picture of him embracing fans with one of his top advisers, a clear violation of social distance guidelines, from Great Britain. Hancock, who led Britain’s response to the coronavirus epidemic, was accused of violating strict rules imposed on the rest of the country as the last member of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government.

In a video statement released Saturday night, Hancock stared, “I understand the significant sacrifices that everyone in this country has made.” “Those of us who make these rules must abide by them, and I must resign.” At first, Mr. Hancock refused to resign and supported Mr. Johnson. However, at least one conservative Member of Parliament, Hancock, came to the conclusion that his position had been disqualified by demanding his resignation and a full-fledged newspaper in the stories about the double standards for the political elite.

In a letter to the Prime Minister, Hancock wrote: “The last thing I want is for my personal life to be taken away from the determined attention that is pulling us out of this crisis.” Married Hancock apologized to his family and said he needed to stay with his three children. Mr Johnson appointed former Vice-Chancellor Sajid Javid to replace Mr Hancock. It fell sharply at the behest of an ambitious 42-year-old cabinet minister who had long been known for the epidemic. Hancock attended a press conference on Downing Street and often called on the public to comply with closures and other restrictions in an effort to slow the spread of the virus.

In the end, the fact that Mr. Hancock did not live up to his own rules ruled him out. Sun released images and subsequent video from a surveillance camera in Mr. Hancock’s office that showed him hugging and kissing Gina Coladanzelo, a college day friend at Oxford, whom he hired as a consultant. Newspapers reported that the footage was recorded in England in May, when restrictions were still in place in England to ban pet social gatherings by people from different families. People were asked to stay two meters away and avoid “face-to-face contact”. Since then those restrictions have been relaxed.