Brilliant Video of Bee Whisperer Rescuing Hive with Her Bare Hands Watched By Millions

A beekeeper in Texas has been dubbed a “bee whisper” after a video of him scooping up a handful of people to take thousands of bees to safety was viewed by millions of people online. Erica Thompson, a professional beekeeper, called in as a property where there were bees under the floorboards in a backyard shed that had been there for at least two years.

Thompson said in his video that the property owner wanted to call outsiders – but the family renting the property wanted to save the bees, so they contacted him. Thompson founded the Texas Beavers, a beekeeping company in Austria, which works to preserve and protect bees by providing bee removal that can move bees without the use of harmful or harmful chemicals.

As you can see in the video, the hive in question was so big that Thompson had to remove two sections of the floor to get everything he had. However, what seems to have sent visitors into the wild is that he is reaching for parts of the mother’s womb – even a handful of bees – to pick them up, and leaving them empty-handed for other purposes. Tickets have viewed more than 58 million times. Thompson’s video has directed to bring together a zenlike -like calm by running an activity so that anyone with melissophobia would shout at the pillow.

Without any protective gear, Thompson quietly began to place the combs in the new beehive and then began to place the bees in his own hands by the new beehive, where they “entered to the right.” From the old hens, the bees follow their colony mates and start moving to their new home. To help with this, Thompson searched for the Queen, finally finding her and scooping her up in a very effective mini prison Queen clip to keep safe. “Once the queen arrives at the new hive, some bees start sending signals to help other bees find their way home,” he said in a voiceover from the video.

“I kept the beekeepers overnight and the next day the whole colony was in their new home, and it was another great day to save the bees.”
So, what is going on? Is Thompson the modern-day Dr. Dolittle, or this mysterious way of the bee somehow magical? Luckily, Thompson made a long video explaining his methods.

At first, he used mouth smoke for the use of alarm pheromone bees for communication. When problems arise, bees emit pheromones isopentyl acetate and 2-hepatonone. This triggers an alarm response among other bees, which will result in the release of pheromones. The smoke smells like bees to subdue bees. This reduces the electronic response of the antenna but does not harm the bees. Their antenna resumes normal response after about 10-20 minutes. This gives beekeepers time to remove parts of the original bee without seeing it as a threat to the bee colony or the queen.

In the video, Thompson says, “My goal is for the bees to always give as many pieces of bees as possible from their beehives, and I try to keep the bees new pieces the way I made them,” Thompson said in the video. The rubber bands hold the conglomerate in pieces until the bees make enough wax to attach their old chicken pieces to the frame of their new dress. Once the bees attached to the new frame, the bees will pull rubber bands to keep them out of the hive, since “bees like to keep their pet beautiful and tidy.”

In addition, why gear? Thompson told the Austin Chronicle last year, after another video went viral, “I do suits when I need to,” but also a full-fledged dress complex of bees in the heat of Texas, “As a bug lover, I just like to keep bees.” 

This is what I should do on this planet and when you find that purpose, there is a natural calm effect. His Texas Beavers TikTok page has millions of views of multiple rescue videos. Thompson hopes that how he can quietly transferred to a chicken for any problem related to bees will encourage people to call outsiders, not beekeepers.