Fish Spotted with Gold Ring around its Head after Wedding Band Lost on Norfolk Island

The issue of human waste entering the ocean is a global problem, and unfortunately for wildlife, our hoop-shaped waste is especially good in the vicinity of living things. Usually discarded plastic is the culprit, it is tough enough and sometimes enough stimulus to sink in the sea for isolated periods.

The fate of a fish off the coast of Norfolk Island, however, has proved that it is sometimes human wealth – not garbage – that interferes with marine life. Norfolk Island is an outer region of Australia in the Pacific Ocean, located between New Zealand and New Caledonia. A freelance writer and editor, resident Susan Pryor posted on a recent blog with regular curiosity, an island with a fish wearing a wedding ring.

In February 2021, Prairie found some fish that shared a fortune with only their collars made of plastic. “These rings are available in plastic juice and milk bottles,” he wrote. “Sometimes these rings escape into the wild and that is the sad consequence. The sand makes frequent tingling with the sand in search of food so that it easily flips over the nose for a ring or hair tie and gets stuck. Rewarding a banana from a bottle and snipping it before you put it in your trash is so quick. “

Previously I was disappointed to see another animal covered in rubbish, but on closer inspection I realized that this is a slightly different story. “This one seemed to be a shiny metallic gold, much less algal growth than plastic. I was reminded that someone had posted on our local community social media pages about the wedding ring of a huge man who went missing from the bay earlier this year, so I decided to see if I could find a potential owner. It didn’t take long for my suspicions to be confirmed; with someone’s (expensive) gold wedding ring we now have poor sleep weight.” Earlier, I hope the gold stimulus could inspire marine explorers to go in search of valuables, before it proves fatal. In recent years, similar stories about the wedding ring have appeared in the media, although perhaps none of the bands were found in anything that was close to Smeagol.