This Is How To Survive A Bear Attack

First, good luck if you found this article through the panicked Google search. Second, do not be tempted by the old humorous advice just leave the slow friend. When you encounter a bear, your instincts will tell you to run (or, let’s tell the truth, bury yourself in tears and list your favorite bears on this list in hopes of being kind to you) The idea.

“If you come across a stationary bear, move slowly and to the side; this allows you to keep an eye on the bear and avoid tripping. It is also a threat to the bear moving side by side. . They will chase the animals like dogs. Do not climb trees. Both grizzlies and black bears can climb trees, “the service wrote. The main point of their advice is easily the hardest: stay calm. This is possible, since these women with steel nerves will appear.

“Most bears don’t want to attack you; they usually just want to be alone. Aren’t we all?” However, they advise you to try to sound humane and appear as hunting as possible: “We recommend using your voice (they are a good point.) Bulls can come closer to watching you and stand on their hind legs to get a better smell. While this probably will not help you keep the situation calm, they usually do it out of curiosity rather than as a threat.

On the NPS website, they warned that the bear’s behavior could be unwelcome and there no strategy to guarantee protection that will work. If none of the above advice works and you are attacked by a brown / grizzly bear, you should spread your legs by playing with your own hand on the back of your neck, making it more difficult for the bear to turn you over. 

Then you will lie and the bear will leave you alone and only leave the area after leaving. If the attack continues, you should fight back using all you can to hit the bear in the face. For black bears, you should not play dead and instead try to run towards cars or buildings. If you cannot attack it and the bear, you should fight against the bear by aiming at the bear’s face and embarrassment.

Your best bet, of course, is to avoid fighting bears first by following the advice and trails in the national parks around America. However, just to remind hikers, using someone else as a human shield is not an option, the National Parks Service concludes: I want the group. You will miss it.”