TikTok User Unknowingly Held The World’s Most Venomous Octopus While In Bali

It’s hard to know what’s and what’s not dangerous when you’re in an unfamiliar area, but there are a few signs for which you may have teeth, brightly colored, or lots of cocaine bear resemblance as

A video that recently went viral on Ticket shows how easy it is to underestimate small things, as some have been drawn with their bare hands holding the most dangerous creature on the planet (surprisingly, this is not the first time this has happened). This is a great example of showing aposematic caution; a technique used by a variety of animals that may predators that they want to take is not a snack. The perceived threat may be related to poison (injection), poison (infected), fun taste or hard-to-swallow spine.

Another defense that a little softer in Batesian mimicry, where a perfectly edible prey species mimics an apostrophic model so that predators can avoid them as well (such as this “tarantula”). In the case of blue-colored octopuses, they are not making noise around. They are truly one of the most dangerous creatures on the planet because they can invent invasive or curious hands due to deadly harmful toxins. It called tetrodotoxin and is a powerful neurotoxin that can be fatal. Fortunately, these octopuses are not aggressive, so if you place them and say no, take it out of the water and pass around, you should fine otherwise…

“Its stings are usually painful, so you may not know you’re bitten until it’s too late,” wrote marine ecologist Erin Spencer in a post about marine environmentalist Erin Blue-Ranked Octopus. “First, the toxin traps nerve signals throughout the body, causing muscle numbness. Other symptoms include nausea, loss of vision or blindness, loss of consciousness and loss of motor skills. Ultimately, it will cause muscle paralysis – causing respiratory arrest, including the muscles needed by humans to breathe.

There are no antidotes, but victims can save if artificial respiration started immediately.” Looks like @kaylinmarie21 (whose tic-tac-toe bio now “I once caught a poisonous octopus”) is incredibly lucky. In a follow-up video detailing the details of his nail-biting wildlife encounter, he explains that he took a few friends to the sandy Uluwatu beach when they spotted not one, but two blue octopuses.

Although his original video showed only one-handed around, he explained that they also picked up the second. In the video, the rings of octopuses show very clearly how the poisonous ticking time bomb felt during the photo op. The story told so far in just two parts of three seems to have had a successful conclusion 8.7 while writing the original video. Millions sat in millions of views and we strongly recommend keeping wildlife out of your tick-tock content when this event was a one-of-a-kind accident where even the touch of a walk can kill you.