A Conversation With Bison Trails: The AWS-Like Service Inside Of Coinbase

Shares of Coinbase have fallen to their lowest point since the company began trading publicly on April 14.

The market often runs mysteriously, but there are a number of drivers that can play a role, including the high opening price of Coinbase at the time of direct enrollment, certain exceptions due to increasing competition, reliance on margins and a lack including lock-up period, which means more insiders now Offloading some of their most valuable shares, lowering their price in the process. Whether shares of Coinbase are declining further is still an open question, but Gary Tan, a first-time investor, believes that what outsiders misunderstand about Coinbase is moving beyond its potential.

In fact, Tan had previously said that a big revenue driver for the company could eventually tie up with a startup called Bison Trails (also supported by Tan) that Coinbase finally acquired an estimated million 80 million in stocks late last year, and Tan recently made a comparison. AWS was inside the cryptocurrency exchange. Interested to learn more, we recently spoke with Joe Lallouz, co-founder and CEO of Bison Trail, which has raised $ 35 million from investors and is now being operated as an independent product line by Coinbase.

We asked Lallouz – who had previously sold and sold a company to Esther – how he was pursuing the opportunity and how his 70-member team resisted the growing number of competitors. Our conversation has been edited for length below. You can do this here to listen to our full conversation with more specifications about bison activity.

JL: First of all, I often speak in the plural because I have a co-founder [Aaron Henshaw] who has worked in every company for almost 20 years. Prior to Bison Trail, the company acquired by Esther had quite a large market and I was in the leadership team for a few years [I am], and it was actually there that my interest in crypto and Bitcoin and blockchain space was really – form as most investors. I have a technical background, I am an engineer. Aaron is an engineer.

Aaron is an engineer. And so this idea of ​​programmable money was really interesting to me and I started investing in some angels, and all of a sudden I met some weird and smart people who were switching careers and focusing on creating blockchain or blockchain technology. And [Aaron] and I couldn’t get away from the idea that blockchain and the technology that powers blockchain – crypto protocols – are going to be hugely influential in every piece of software built in the next 20 years.