Circle is a Good Example of why SPACs can be Useful

Other cryptocurrencies are likely to go public sooner rather than later, given Coinbase’s direct listing earlier this year. This is seen in the case of the Boston-based technology company Circle which provides API-provided financial services and a stabilcoin. The circle will not directly list or follow the listing IPO. Instead, the company is merging with a Concord acquisition corporation of a SPAC, or blank-check company. The transaction put Crypto Shop with an enterprise value of $4.5 billion and an equity value of about $5.4 billion.

The offer marks an interesting moment for the crypto market. Unlike Coinbase, which operates a trading platform and generates fees in a way that is widely understood by public investors, Circle’s offers are somewhat more foreign ex. The Circuit Spec presentation details an organization whose core business is dealing with a stable coin – in this case the US dollar – and a set of APIs, a crypto-powered financial services provider, linked to a foreign currency.

It is also an equity gradfunding platform owned by Sidivest, although the circle generates most of the expected revenue from its other businesses. To find out more about the deal itself, TechCrunch has a focus on Roman Delet’s transactions. Here we will talk about the company’s investor presentation, its business model and its historical historical and expected results and reefs. In short, we have some fun. Let’s get started.

As mentioned above, the circle has three main business activities. Here’s how it describes them by calling it:

Let us consider starting with each USDC. Stablecoins have become popular in recent times. Since they are pegged to an external currency, they operate as an attractive form of cash within the crypto world.

If you want to have on-chain purchasing power, not wanting to save all your value on more volatile, and tax-induced, cryptocurrencies that you might have to sell to buy anything else, stablecoins can act as a more stable sort of liquid currency. They can combine the stability of the US dollar, say, and the attractive financial web of the crypto world.