Dive into Deep Learning & Data Analysis with These Expert-Led Classes

There are plenty of reasons to increase your data analytics skills in 2020, starting with helping you earn a good paycheck in a growing industry to better understand your business, but these unprecedented times have taken a toll on personal education. Don’t let your social development need ever-evolving learning, including the Deep Learning and Data Analysis Certificate Bundle.

In addition to just studying data analysis, this online training also emphasizes in-depth learning technology, which can take your collected data and use it to more accurately predict future predictions. These in-demand skills can help you land a better job or be a better candidate for promotion in almost any economy. More than 325 lessons in 8 courses, you will cover topics for data analysis, visualization, statistics, deep learning, machine learning, regression modeling, business data, and much more.

Some of the benefits of going through the Deep Learning and Data Analysis Certification bundle are that you will gain knowledge about Python data and Python, and will be able to apply simple Short Square (OLS) regression and learn important machine concepts without jargon and YouTube Analytics and integrated with various analytics tools, such as Google ads.

Led by the best-selling instructor and data scientist Minerva Singh, the 30-hour course includes lifetime access, so you can go at your own pace and take back lessons that didn’t get a single click. Of course, you can go to grade school for an MBA in applied data science or business analysis, but why would you be able to study the same subjects at about 0.0005% off the comfortable price of your own home when you spend over $74,000 a year? You don’t need any data analysis degree to sort that bundle of Deep Learning and Data Analysis Certificate $39.99 for $1600 worth of 97% savings.