Edge Delta Raises $15M Series a to Take on Splunk

Seattle-based Edge Delta, a startup that is building a modern distribution monitoring stack in direct competition with industry heavyweights such as Splank, New Relic and Datadog, announced today that it has raised $15 million in a $15 million series led by Menlo Ventures. Previous investors Mac Venture Capital and Amity Ventures also took part in the round, bringing the company’s total funding to $18 million to date. “Our thesis is that there is no way that enterprises today cannot continue to analyze all of their data in real time,” said Ozan Unlu, co-founder and CEO of Adel Delter, who has worked in observation space for nearly 15 years (including Microsoft and Sumo Logic).

“The way this primitive traditionally was done with these primitive, centralized models – there’s a lot of data. It worked 10 years ago, but gigabytes turned into terabytes and now terabytes are turning into petabytes. The whole model is breaking down.” He acknowledges that intelligence-driven big data warehousing works well enough in the use of business intelligence and analysis. However, it is not real-time and involves a lot of data transfer where it is generated in a centralized warehouse.

Edge Delta promises to provide enterprises with all the capabilities of this centralized model by allowing them to start their log, metrics, trace and other telemetry analysis at the source. This allows them to gain visibility into all the data created there instead of today’s systems, which provides insight into only a small fraction of this information. 

Competitive services tend to be customer-driven agents of the customer but usually simply compress the data, encrypt it and send it to its final destination, the Edge Delta agent starts analyzing the data properly at the local level. With this, for example, if you want graph error rates from your Kubernets cluster, you don’t have to collect all this data and send it to your data warehouse where it needs to be indexed and graphed before it can be analyzed. With Edge Delta, you can instead draw your own graph of each single node that Edge Delta can add later.