Email Marketing Tactics that Turn Subscribers into Customers

Stuart Hillhouse writes Growth Marketing Practical Insights as Senior Content Leader at Demand Curve. In the evening, he interviewed marketers and creatives on his podcast, Top of Mind. Stuart was a semi-professional lumberjack before moving into marketing. He also wrote for Email has the highest return on investment of any other marketing channel. On average, email earns you $40 by spending $1 each. And the best part is that the email is a channel of its own, which means you can communicate directly with your subscribers without having to rely on social media algorithms to display your content.

We have worked with more than 500 startups according to Curve’s needs, carefully documenting development strategies for all development channels. We’ve included what we’ve learned from our organization, Bell Curve, which works with outsourcing, incomplete manufacturers, and Microsoft, to name a few. We interviewed email marketers early this year to understand how to use email marketing effectively. This post covers the most profitable strategy they use that captures 80% of the value using 20% ​​effort.

Email Marketing Tactics that Turn Subscribers into Customers

The subject line of your email is the most important, yet most marketers ignore it after creating the email body. Clearly increase the exposure rates of your subject line. You don’t want people to pay attention to your email if your subject line isn’t clear or vague, your customers will ignore it.

One strategy is to write like you say. Try using subject lines that use informal language and compression (e.g., you are). This will not only count the saved character, but will make your copy read more friendly and faster. The subject lines must be relevant to your sub-audience. Marketers earn 760% more from targeted email promotions than unsolicited emails.

If you are collecting emails from multiple regions of your website the chances will be a bit different in each case. For example, after reading an article on the ketogenic diet, subscribers should receive emails that educate them more about standard keto and seed products related to their lifestyle. Sending their information and product recommendations to vegetarians is not relevant and can lead to their membership being blocked. To ensure you are sending relevant emails to the right audience, segment your audience using tags and filters within your email marketing platform. Each platform will do it a little differently, but all modern platforms allow you to do it. When composing your email subject, ask yourself, “Would it be wise to receive this email for this customer segment?”