Facebook Changes Misinfo Rules to Allow Posts Claiming COVID-19 is Man-Made

Facebook has made a number of significant changes to its misinformation policy this week, including the news that companies will now allow people to claim to have created seaweed – a theory that contradicts previous notions that the virus is naturally derived from animals. “In light of the ongoing investigation into the source of COVID-19 and the advice of public health experts, we will no longer remove the claim that COVID-19 is made from our apps,” a Facebook spokesperson told TechCrunch.

“Keeping pace with the evolving nature of the epidemic, we continue to work with health experts and regularly update our policies as new information and trends emerge.” The agency is adjusting its rules on epidemiological misinformation in the light of an international investigation that validates the theory that the virus can survive in a lab.

Facebook Changes Misinfo Rules to Allow Posts Claiming COVID-19 is Man-Made

Although this theory is reasonably credible for investigation at the moment, it is often a fake cure, generates 5G tower COVID, and very recently falsely claims that AstraZeneca implanted vaccine recipients with a Bluetooth chip. Earlier this week, President Biden ordered a multi-agency intelligence report to assess whether the virus could have accidentally leaked from Wayne, China’s lube. Biden described the possibility as two possible scenarios.

“… Shortly after I became president, in March, my national security adviser tasked the intelligence community with compiling a report for the most up-to-date analysis of the source of their COVID-19, including whether it originated from human contact. Due to an infected animal or laboratory accident, “Biden said in an official statement from the White House,” there is not enough evidence to support a final decision. Demands for man-made or lab-made viruses have been widely publicized since the earliest days of the epidemic, and even the scientific community has maintained that the virus may have jumped from a naturally infected animal to a human.

However, many questions remain about the origin of the virus, and the United States has not ruled out the possibility of the virus originating from a Chinese lab in the United States – a situation that would be a mystery to international relations. Before the COVID policy change, Facebook announced that it would eventually impose harsher penalties on individuals who repeatedly misrepresented information.