How to root out shadow IT and maximize SaaS investments

Shadow IT has emerged because of the growing reliance on SaaS: SaaS apps purchased by individual employees without the knowledge or consent of their company’s IT department. While shadow IT can be an opportunity for creativity, it can also lead to concerns such as duplicate subscriptions, lost IT spending, a lack of compliance, and a higher chance of a data breach if left unchecked.

Businesses may more efficiently manage to shadow IT, gain a competitive edge, eliminate wasteful expenditures, and empower a remote workforce by using SaaS management and adopting basic measures.

To avoid the bad implications of shadow IT, allow your IT employees access to your full SaaS portfolio. IT will be in a better position to optimize investments if they have a clear view of all apps in use how they are used. Use these suggestions to get the most out of your SaaS investments:

When it comes to administering SaaS apps, some companies use spreadsheets. Others use web browser plugins, single sign-on technologies, and cloud access security brokers. However, these discovery procedures can take a long time and require piecing together SaaS inventories from several sources, resulting in records that are out of date before they are even finished.

How to root out shadow IT and maximize SaaS investments

Even the most thorough, often updated spreadsheet isn’t necessarily the most effective approach to manage SaaS, especially when you consider that the average business manages over 650 SaaS apps and underestimates the number of SaaS apps in their ecosystem by two to three times. How can you manage and budget for a SaaS application if you do not know it exists?

You must first acquire total visibility in order to improve your SaaS portfolio. Tools like SaaS management systems with machine learning capabilities that identify SaaS purchases enable continuous software discovery. To find purchases, these solutions can also link with your financial management systems. This plan must take place in real-time so that you always have a comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date image of your IT environment.

Is it possible to decrease your plan if you have as many active users as you estimated? Although an employee may have resigned, their accounts never terminated. In actuality, you may not require all of the premium features or seats you have paid for, which means you may save money on SaaS.