Incredible (And Hilarious) Reddit Post Demonstrates The Perils Of Voice-To-Text Software

You see, most of the time the technology is amazing. However, with all the new technology comes a time of teething problems and adaptations where things don’t go as smoothly as inventors expected.

In a perfect example that went viral recently, a mom demonstrated how voice-to-text software can translate conversations that you don’t expect to keep in the world. The text was first posted on Reddy and began as a serious response to someone who was having trouble finding out about the pregnancy with a colleague. “I feel it and I’m with my best friend. 🙁 He has BPD and it makes it harder,” the answer began quite coherently.

“My pregnancy and baby brought a ton of horrible events. We have a poop. Wow, poop, poop, poop, poop. We have a poop. We have a poop, Poop, poop, poop, poop, poop. We have a pup we have a pup we have a pop poop pop poop pop poop it is a pop oh it’s me a pop I love you my pop boy I love you my pop boy mama change you pop you mamas poppy boy I love you my Poppy loves the boy my poopie boy oh my little friend mama is almost done mama is almost done oh we go there we did a good job well we did a good job poopie boy you stinky boy mama can put on your pants hey I can put on your pants Keep I love you friend I love you that’s my friend over there we’re not leaving the Pope anymore, now we’ve washed our hands. It’s okay. Mama can wash his hands and sit for just a second. You probably worked, during the transcript he was interrupted by his well-smelling son who made a pope poop.

In another similar story in 2017, a trombonist accidentally sent his wife using voice-to-text technology. He later presented evidence on behalf of the suspects there. To be fair with the technology, it has been written with amazing accuracy as a diaper switches between a parent and a baby and a trampoline as “Hopper Hope U”. One day, technology will probably be able to differentiate when the sincere answer to a request for advice turns into a pop clean-up, or a kickass Tuba single from someone’s “please milk” request, but hopefully, not soon.