Jolla Hits Profitability Ahead of Turning Ten, Eyes Growth beyond Mobile

A milestone for Zola, the Finnish startup behind Selfish OS which was created nearly a decade ago, when a team of Nokia employees moved to light a torch for a mobile Linux-based alternative to Google’s Android is announcing today that it is making a profit. Mobile OS Licensing Startup describes 2020 as a “turning point” for businesses – revenue grew 53% year-over-year, and EBITDA (which provides a snapshot of operational efficiency) stood at 34%.

It now has a new iron in the fire – recently launched a new licensing product (known as AppSupport for the Linux platform), which, as the name implies, allows Linux platforms to be uniquely compatible with common Android applications – without the customer’s need for a complete Sailfish OS. License (the latter must be baked in Android app compatibility from 2013 Android). Jolla says AppSupport has received some “strong” interest from automated companies in finding solutions to develop their “infotainment systems” – as it provides a way for embedded Linux-compatible platforms that allow Android apps to run without the need for Google’s automation. 

Jolla Hits Profitability Ahead of Turning Ten, Eyes Growth beyond Mobile

And while a lot of carmakers have opted for Android, Zola players can still net for its ‘Google-free’ option. Embedded Linux systems run in many other places as well, so it is optimistic of widespread demand. The software can be used to enable an IoT device to run a particularly popular app, for example, as a value addition for customers. “Jolla is doing well,” said CEO and co-founder Sami Pienimäki. “I’m glad to see the company officially turn a profit last year.

“In general it’s the assets and the overall maturity of the company that we start getting customers here and there – and honestly we’ve been emphasizing this for a while,” he said, finding the reasons behind the positive numbers trademark devaluation.”

“The company is turning ten in October so it’s a long journey. And that’s why we’re constantly improving our skills and our revenue. “From 2019 to 2020 our revenue has increased by more than 50% and we have earned € 5.4M. At the same time, the cost base of the operation has stabilized quite well so their sum has achieved excellent profitability.