Keanu Reeves Thinks It is Nice That People Want to Have Sex with His Digital Avatar

Keanu Reeves, the living meme and star of The Matrix series, has spoken out against fans utilizing his digital avatar for virtual sex. While he seemed remarkably at ease with the idea of becoming a digital pornstar, he was far less tolerant of NFTs. Keanu and Matrix co-star Carrie-Anne Moss explore everything from bitcoin to virtual reality in a wide-ranging interview with The Verge (VR). 

Many players demanded hacking of the computer game Cyberpunk 2077 that would allow them to “have sex” with his character’s digital avatar, according to Keanu. “Oh gosh it’s always wonderful when it’s lovely, y’know,” he said when asked whether he was okay with it.

“I, on the other hand, say no thanks,” Moss said, before adding, “Keanu’s cool with it.” “Think about how much money there is in porn, right?” Keanu said. “You may not even need to be there, and others may engage in digital intercourse with your digital avatar.”

“Can you tell me what it’s called right now?” You could do the whole thing for members exclusively “Reeves was probably referring to OnlyFans when he said this.”Then you got the VR device… oh my god, and they had your arousal metrics data on you – oh my lord! Therefore, you are in your [VR] suit, monitoring your arousal levels via your members-only Metaverse X. Then you take it all off, and how do you feel about your current relationships?”

“”But then you hold the real thing and you are like, ‘Oh man, I’m so grateful we got reality,'” he went on to say. Moss, on the other hand, was skeptical: “I pray I don’t live to see this.” The Matrix Awakens, a new open-world interactive tech demo produced by Epic Games to display their latest Unreal Engine 5, was the subject of the conversation. It also comes just in time for The Matrix Resurrections, the much-anticipated fourth installment in the Matrix series, which will be released later this month.

Keanu and Moss also asked if they were interested in bitcoin and the ever-evolving realm of “non-fungible tokens,” or NFTs “In the digital world, this may be used to signify ownership of one-of-a-kind objects.”Reeves said, “A friend of mine bought some [cryptocurrency] for me a while back.” When asked if he had done anything with his cache, he replied, “I’ve done nothing with it.” “I’ve never had to. It’s the same as [sitting there].”

Reeves was questioned about his thoughts on “the idea of digital scarcity and things that can’t be replicated” when addressing NFTs. “…those are readily repeated hehe hehe,” Keanu remarked, bursting out laughing. Keanu clearly knows how to not only play the part of the virtual reality’s messiah but also how to use the “right-click and save image” method.