Master the Most-Used Open Source Operating System and More for Under $20

If you are familiar with Linux, you will know that it is the most widely used open-source operating system. Its source code is easily accessible, secure, lightweight, free, and stable, to name a few advantages. When you combine it with other popular interfaces like Bash Shell, SSH, Putty, Git, and YAML, you have a winning combination, But what if you do not have these abilities yet? Mastering Linux is essential, but combining it with knowledge of other terminal apps, data serialization languages, and other skills will elevate you from a mediocre programmer to a top software engineer. 

As a result, we are offering you the chance to improve your engineering knowledge for less than $20. That is true, the eight-course Mastering Linux and Git Certification Bundle are available for just $19.

Master the Most-Used Open Source Operating System and More for Under $20

The course will teach you the essentials of Linux Command Line and will take you on a learning trip. You will learn how to work with file characteristics and permissions, how to schedule tasks with “cron,” and how to practice on your own AWS Linux EC2 instance. You will also learn about the Linux File System and Navigation, the VI Editor and its practical applications, and the various text processing tools needed to operate productively with Linux. You will also get access to the Live Linux Lab environment.

You’ll learn how to master Linux Command Line to create your own AWS Linux EC2 instance, learn shell scripting via a proven step-by-step systematic approach, gain in-depth knowledge on how to become an SSH power user, master puTTY for beginners, and much more with 400 lessons spread across 34 hours of content. The three Git courses will teach you the fundamentals of Git and GitHub, including how to use Stash and Rebase to boost efficiency, once you are ready to work in a team environment.

Each course comes with lifetime access, allowing you to go at your own pace and go over the material again as needed. Learning online provides an open and engaging environment in which you may control your learning pace and competence. With this must-have training bundle, you can increase your productivity and broaden your technical expertise. The Mastering Linux and Git Certification Bundle are now available for $19, or less than $2.50 per course.