New Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal Begins Restructuring as Two Execs step Down

Jack Dorsey, the co-founder, and CEO of Twitter, stood down from his position earlier this week. He named Parag Agrawal, the CTO, as the new CEO, starting immediately. 

According to an internal email acquired by The Washington Post, Agrawal, who joined Twitter as an engineer in 2011, has already proposed a big restructure of the firm. TechCrunch received confirmation from Twitter as well.

As part of the restructure, Twitter’s Chief Design Officer Dantley Davis, who joined the business in 2019, and Head of Engineering Michael Montano, who started in 2011, have both stepped down.

The New York Times reported in August on Davis’ “tough love” workplace approach, which corporate managers believed went too far at times. This conduct appeared to be at odds with Twitter’s #LoveWhereYouWork and #OneTeam slogans, which promote “building a friendly, polite, and pretty good vibe culture.”

New Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal Begins Restructuring as Two Execs step Down

According to a Twitter representative, “Dantley’s departure is solely focused on restructuring our organizational model around a structure that has one lead manager supporting a core business purpose.” “We don’t have any further information on these modifications to give out of respect for the people involved.”

“Parag is focused on operational excellence and putting Twitter in the best position to achieve its objectives; these modifications were made with that in mind.” We are transitioning to a General Manager model for our product and technology teams, with one person in charge of work that supports one of our core corporate objectives. This will help us to work more cross-functionally and make faster, more informed decisions,” said a Twitter representative.

Dorsey chastised and even sued a shareholder earlier this year for his multiple CEO duties at Twitter and Square, the fintech behemoth he co-founded. Twitter has been hesitant to innovate in the past, but it has been swiftly adding new features this year, including its subscription Twitter Blue service, Spaces audio rooms, Super Follows, Ticketed Spaces, crypto features, and more. 

Agrawal has shown an interest in keeping the momentum going at Twitter. “We’ve just altered our strategy to meet ambitious targets, and I believe that plan is bold and correct,” Agrawal said in an email to employees on Monday, which he later tweeted. 

“However, our most pressing task is figuring out how to put it into practice and deliver results – that’s how we’ll make twitter the best it can be for our customers, stockholders, and every one of you.” It has a week of massive upheaval for both of the firms that Dorsey co-founded. Square launched its rebranding to Block just days after announcing its resignation as CEO of Twitter.