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Forget what you’ve heard: there are numerous ways to achieve success.

It’s a tried-and-true strategy, which is why Chris Morton, a two-time Y Combinator participant, authored a guest piece for Extra Crunch with tips for businesses wanting to be approved by the prestigious accelerator.

Morton, who has examined thousands of YC applications, offers advice on when to apply, what to do if you miss the deadline, and whether you’ll have to relocate if you’re approved.

“Keep in mind that your application should be strong enough to get you an interview, not a prize,” Morton advises. “Rather than spending extra time preparing an application, get back to work.” Romanian marketer Robert Katai explained some of the approaches he employs to help companies optimize their content and branding strategies in an interview with reporter Anna Heim.

“Content creation is now completely free, and anyone can do it. The tricky aspect is figuring out how to disseminate and amplify that.”

Katai also discussed his opinions of Romania’s startup scene, tips for staying top-of-mind with customers, and the often-overlooked need to repurpose material to keep customers’ attention.

There is no paywall, like with our previous growth marketing interviews.

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Latin America’s burgeoning venture capital landscape has recently gotten a lot of attention. Senior reporter Mary Ann Azevedo spoke with various people who are actively involved with the region to find more about why investors are so enthusiastic:

  • QED Investors partner Bill Cilluffo
  • QED Investors principal Ana Cristina Gadala-Maria
  • Owl Ventures’ principal, Ross Darwin
  • SoftBank managing partner Shu Nyatta
  • Accel’s Ethan Choi is a partner.
  • LAVCA’s director of venture capital, Julie Ruvolo

Mary Ann comments, “I am not surprised by all the activity.” “However, the sheer number of rounds, the caliber of firms leading them, and the sky-high valuations has taken me by surprise. “It appears that the region is finally being taken seriously, as it should be. This is most likely just the start.”