Real-Life Green Goblin Caught On Camera Soaring Through City On Actual Hoverboard

A crazy video uploaded to twitter shows a man flying over a drone-like hoverboard on an urban road.

Traveling at quite a surprising speed, the pilot skirts over the sidewalk on his way across town. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. If you don’t guess, what the brave pilot is doing is probably highly illegal, most major cities were against drone flight laws – and that’s before the drones got huge and carried a full person. However, if you ignore the obvious dangers, we can all agree that it is terrifying.

Insanely, flying hoverboard may soon be available for purchase by the public and are not as expensive as you think. The video is intended to show the Omni Hoverboard, a patented electronic flying hoverboard (no, we don’t mean a Segway by removing the handlebars) that claims to be the “first flying hoverboard.” It’s hard to deny that it’s true, back to the Future-Esc Flying Board everything expected, with four rotating crew moving around the sky as the craft moves forward.

No fixed price has been allocated yet, as Omni Hoverboards are still in development, but some offer prices ranging from $10,000 to $20,000. For now, the company is constantly building and demonstrating prototypes, which – although impossible – could be explained by the public flying man. The Omni Hoverboards made waves in the media in 2015, after entering the Guinness World Book of Records for breaking the 275.9-meter (905-foot) longest hoverboard aircraft with their prototype.

Since then, the drone market has swelled and different competitors have grown, but it’s possible that this hoverboard is the current best shot in a true sci-fi flight. This is not the first time that an inevitable flying person has entered the headlines. In 2020, an unidentified flying man (who technically made their UFO) was thought to be a jetpack; it flew 914 meters (3,000 feet).

The pilots that discovered the plane were understandably confused – no jetpacks could reach even a fraction of that altitude, and the well-known jetpacks were calculated for the pair. Happily, the story unfolded quickly, a new video from a drone show showing a drone carrying a mannequin that looked like an elusive jetpacker.