Robot Dogs Just Got a Lethal, Dystopian Upgrade

Remember when Boston Dynamics showed it agile and incredibly skilled autonomous robot dog and skeptics predicted that a massive gun would soon be installed on its back since humans cannot have wonderful things without making them fire or explode? That is right, it has happened. In addition, it is even scarier than we imagined.

People are worried after a business revealed a robot dog with a huge sniper mounted to its back, implying that their latest product is quite the killing machine. This quadruped dog, which can only be described as a walking dystopian nightmare-fuel, wields a 6.5 mm Creedmoor sniper capable of taking out targets from a great range and can operate during both day and night operations.

The cannon was placed on a Ghost Robotics Quadrupedal Unmanned Ground Vehicle (QUGV), which has been on the market for a while in various generations – which look to be mainly homeland defense and military activities. Ghost Robotics claims that their robots are more durable, faster, and easier to service than competitors are and that they can be used in a wide range of circumstances.

Robot Dogs Just Got a Lethal, Dystopian Upgrade

The business appears to have teamed with SWORD International, a well-known guns manufacturer best known for manufacturing small arms systems like the MK-18 Lapua. The Special Purpose Unmanned Rifle is their most recent development, a sniper mounted to a dog (SPUR). The weapon may customized to fit a variety of platforms, and in the photo above, it has shown mounted on a QUGV.

“The SPUR can work in a wide range of situations, both day and night, thanks to its very capable sensors.” “The SWORD Defense Systems SPUR is the unmanned weapon system of the future, and that future is today,” according to a SWORD International press release. The SPUR includes a camouflage coating to keep it hidden from night vision goggles, and it has a range of 1,200 meters (3937 feet). We do not know how that would work right now, but it is a scary notion.

Since Spot the robot dog catapulted them into the spotlight, critics have expressed concerns about the weaponization of robot quadrupeds. Because of their capacity to negotiate rough terrain and move independently, they would be ideal for transporting supplies, reconnaissance operations, and – tragically – remote combat. A well-known gang mounted a paintball gun to Boston Dynamic’s Spot in February, sending it on a rampage in the name of ‘art.’ Boston Dynamics, who has always opposed the idea of using their robots for violence, condemned the incident and claimed that this was not their intention. Other producers, on the other hand, appear to be of a different mind.