Telkomsel Invests An Additional $300 Million In Gojek

The announcement comes from Gojek, which is working to seal the proposed integration on e-commerce platform Tokopedia. According to media reports, the $18 billion deal will create a new entity called GoTo in Telkomsel’s investment today making it probably one of GoTo’s top eight investors. Just two months after writing a $150 million check to network provider Southeast Asian Firm, the two companies said on Monday they had invested an additional $300 million in Telkomsel Ride-Healing and Payments Firm, a unit of Indonesia’s largest telecom operator Telecom.

Gojek – which has so far raised more than 3.44 billion from high-profile investors including Google, Facebook, PayPal, Visa, and Tencent – and Telkomsel says their strategic partnership will “expand the two companies’ digital services and deliver new ones” Solutions.” The two companies have maintained an agreement since 2018 to subsidize the cost of mobile debt used by the ride-healing firm’s driver partners.

Telkomsel Invests An Additional $300 Million In Gojek

Telecom is Indonesia’s largest telecom operator with over 170 million subscribers. In addition to ride-hailing, Gojek has expanded into several additional businesses in Indonesia, including digital payment and food delivery. Today’s news follows a $150 million investment Gojek made in November last year.

The two companies have integrated various aspects of their services to accelerate the digitization of micro, small and medium enterprises and save more costs for driver partners. Some of these include the integration of Telkomsel Maids with GoBiz, enabling Gojek’s MSME partners to efficiently expand their promotion of Maids and make it easier for Gojek MSME partners to become telecom reseller partners through DigiPOS Aja! 

The two companies have also marketed gaming services through Telkomsel’s Dunia Games and Secret in collaboration with the two companies Talent, which adds even more value to PUBM users, they said. Telkomsel chief executive Setyanto Hantoro said in a statement, “Telecom is optimistic that this latest investment will open up more opportunities for society to access the advanced digital technology-based innovations developed by homegrown companies.”

The $18 billion deal will build a technology power plant providing services for online shopping, courier services, ride-hauling, food delivery and other services in Southeast Asia’s largest economy. A source familiar with the matter said Telkomsel additional investment would make it one of GoTo’s top eight investors, as well as alphabetical companies like Google, Alibaba and Softbank.