The Station: Aurora SPACs, a spin on the VanMoof X3, and a Chat with Outdoorsy Founders

From your humble A to Point B to Hello and welcome station to your central center for all past, present, and future means of removing people and packages. Before we jump into the news of Deal, Policy Move, and MicroMobin, I wanted to share the latest Founder Interview, a new series that we launched this spring on Extra Crunch. Here is the opening of the interview:

Jane Young and Jeff Kevins were sitting in the suburban conference room of the Vancouver Hotel in the suburbs, squandering under a fluorescent light, and endless PowerPoint and twice as sad a styrefoam cup of coffee between them. Young was on a marketing deal. Kevins was a member of the board. They shared a look that only couples can understand. It said: There could be something better than this.

“Something better than this” became an outdoor, peer-to-peer RV and camper rental startup. The interview with Kevin and Young covers why they started outward, how they have developed and improved their business model, and what is happening. There’s a small twist to our series: we’ll be looking at these founders for a year from the date the interview is published.

How do you know how these memes refer to the whole of the roaring 20s after the Spanish flu almost a century ago? They bring up an important issue. Very drunk, hot summers are already taking place in places that are being opened (sorry, Melbourne) and this Shennigan electric micromobility is flying in parallel with the rise of vehicles. People will and already have. – Drunk trying to run this thing.

Bird announced this week that it is launching Safe Start, a new app checkpoint designed to discourage people, but in the end, these will not stop them from running under the influence. It starts between 10 pm and 4am when the problem is usually common; riders try to unlock a bird that asks if they can safely enter a keyword into the app and operate the car safely.

Hopefully, in time to stop swaying, closing one eye, squinting with the other, and poking at those letters, they realized they weren’t in a position to run the equipment and make the call shill the cab or ride through an app instead.