US Strategic Command Releases Cryptic Tweet, Turns Out To Be Something More Obvious

The Twitter account of the US Strategic Command – the US nuclear missile control agency – caught the interest of the Internet after the release of a cryptic tweet a few days ago, which seemed like a simple gossip.

Considering their high status and strategic role in the military, many internet users put on their code-breaking caps and decided to post what it might mean. Happily, though, there was an even more innocent explanation – the young kid in the Twitter account manager spun a bunch of keys and accidentally sent the tweet.

The chaos message was sent on March 28, only “; l; gmlxzssaw”. Could this be a set of secret codes, messages or coordinates? Could this be the result of a hack infiltrating US strategic command? You can be sure that Twitter is looking for it. Quickly, users start joking about what the message might be. Some joked it could be the nuclear introduction code, others explained that it must be a cat; some even joked that it was a message from the late Elvis Presley.

Of course, some took it more seriously than others. Twitter user Alex Kaplan QAnon chose some of the influential people who follow the far-reaching conspiracy theories involving Donald Trump, the message that actually calls Q a secret code related to redemption.

These people run the message through a cryptogram identifier, which tries the message through a database of ciphers and runs the message to decode it, although after we tried it, we only got the ‘unknown format’, so we’re not entirely sure what these explanations were profit. Others have questioned whether the US Stratcom account has been hacked, which would be a very serious situation. About 30 minutes after the tweet, US Stratcom responded by telling everyone to ignore their previous tweet.

In a follow-up to freelance journalist and popular Twitter user Mikael Thalen, the US Stratcom Freedom of Information Act officer responded with an explanation. “Command’s Twitter manager, while at Twitter position, instantly left Command’s Twitter account open and unchanged. Her very young child took advantage of the situation to play with the keys and, unfortunately and unknowingly, tweeted. Nothing bad happened, that is, our Twitter.” There is no hacking of the account.

The post was discovered and notice was received that it happened over the telephone to delete. In a statement to Thalen, the official said. In all fairness, this is obviously a very tech-savvy kid who follows in their father’s footsteps, so that’s where the credit goes.