Sample Making


Sample making is one of the most important activities in the garment manufacturing process. The manufacturer always needs at least a sketch of the garment, original patterns, specification and the designer’s sample to make high quality sample garments at the contractor’s factories. Garments factories are used different name used for different types of samples. In the sample departments of garment factories different type of sample are made for different purposes.


  1. Proto Sample
  2. Approval Sample
  3. Fit Sample
  4. Size set Sample
  5. Reference Sample
  6. Offer Sample
  7. Salesman Sample
  8. Photo Sample
  9. Pre Production Sample
  10. Production sample
  11. Shipment Sample

Proto Sample: Proto sample is the initial sample made by the manufacturer as per as the details of the export order, and send to the buyer, to check weather the styling of the garment is ok as per the requirement of the buyer. Proto Sample can be made in alternative fabric & accessories, which is not with the original fabric and accessories. That is as per the sketch & space in the production order (P.O) sheet).

Approval sample: The manufacturing must produce sample prior to communication of the mass scale production of a particular style. The number of samples required, vary from buyer to buyer. Most of the time buyers ask for 3-5 samples from the manufacturer. When constructing these samples the manufacture’s instruction should be followed.

The original patterns, original sample & the specification are required to produce these samples. After constructing these samples manufacturer should send them to the buyer or to the agents to get the approval for the mass production. There are two main types of approval samples and they are known as:

  • Fit approval samples
  • Size series samples.

When an order is placed and confirmed, the manufacturer has to produce samples for the buyer. The required size of the samples is generally given by the buyer. If the size of samples is not given the middle size of the order range is taken as the appropriate size. That is if an order is given for a range of sizes, then the sample garment is made from the middle size. The samples produce for the given size or the middle sizes of the order are known as fit approval samples.

Once fit approval samples are approved by the buyers, request for samples in all the sizes of the order before the mass production starts. Then they are in a position to see the quality of the samples of all size of the order. These samples are known as size series samples. Even if there is no such request from the buyer, it is batter to produce to size series samples for use within the factory. Then they can identify the problem that might occur, when they produce different size in the mass production.

Fit Sample: Fit Sample is made by the manufacture (exporter) and sends to the buyer, to check if the fittings of the garments are ok or not as per the requirement of the Buyer. Unusually the Fit sample is made in alternative Fabric & accessories & it is made, which ever comes at the middle of the export order sizes. For example: If the export order sizes are, S, M&L, the Fit Sample will be in M size.

Size Set Sample: Size set sample contains all the size of the export order contains sizes small, medium, large size. Then the size set is sample will contain all the size, the sample S are made by grading the M size sample. Alternative fabric & accessories can make this Sample.

PP Sample (Pre Production sample): original fabric & Accessories make PP Sample, and this sample is made just before the Bulk production. This sample represents the original garment to be made in Bulk production. The buyer checks the PP samples & after the Buyer gives approval on PP sample, and then only the manufacture goes for bulk production of the export order. PP sample should include all the colors of the style.

Production Sample: Production Sample is taken from production unit, by the bulk production is continuing, production sample represents the original production pieces to be exported to Buyer. Usually the exporter send production sample to Buyer once only, during the Bulk production, But in some cases where the export order quantity is large enough for single style for example incase of Buyer – Wal-Mart,

The production samples were sent three times during the Bulk production. First Sample sent during 20% to 30% of Bulk production. Second fit sample during 50% to 60% of Bulk production Third production sample during 70% to 80% of Bulk Production.

Reference sample: Reference purpose when produce the extra sample is called reference sample. When we produce the approval sample then we have to produce an extra sample for reference purposes in the factory, Reference sample is also called keep sample. After getting the approval from buyer, the reference sample can be released for mass production.

When releasing the reference sample for mass production all this comment made by agents and or by the buyer must be attached clearly to the reference samples. The sample kept in the sample department until getting the approval from the buyers after inspecting the approval samples.

Offer Samples: If the factory wants to attract new buyers, they have to be won by showing samples of garments that the manufacturer can offer. For this purpose they produce on their own, samples of new designs. These samples are known as offer samples. The ultimate objective of producing these offer samples is to attract new buyers to find new markets.

Shipment Sample: This Sample the manufacture keeps with them, covering all sizes & colors of the style of garments they exported. It is for the reference pieces, just to keep record for future reference.


  1. The origin of style
    • Market research ( fashion show, fashion journal, idea from retail store)
    • Design concept
    • Proto type pattern (sample development)

2. The development of sample


Merchandising chronological processes:-

  • -1st pattern (First sample)
  • -2nd pattern (Second sample)
  • -Approved sample and counter sample (three pace)
  • Sales man sample (For sale every chain store can take 20)
  • Photo / proto type sample (Original fabric & accessories are made)
  • Size set sample
  • Pre-production sample (production running in that time merchandiser take)
  • Production sample
  • Shipping sample (Before shipping merchandiser takes some sample)

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Sample Making